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Adrien-Marie Legendre

Adrien-Marie Legendre was a French mathematician. Legendre made numerous contributions to... more »

Alain Connes

Alain Connes is a French mathematician, currently Professor at the Collège de France, IHÉS, The... more »

Augustin Hirschvogel

Augustin Hirschvogel was a German artist, mathematician, and cartographer known primarily for... more »

Augustin-Louis Cauchy

Baron Augustin-Louis Cauchy was a French mathematician who was an early pioneer of analysis. He... more »

Ctesibius of Alexandria

Ctesibius or Ktesibios or Tesibius was a Greek inventor and mathematician in Alexandria,... more »

D. D. Kosambi

Damodar Dharmananda Kosambi was an Indian mathematician, statistician, Marxist historian, and... more »

Dan-Virgil Voiculescu

Dan-Virgil Voiculescu is a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley... more »

Dan-Virgil Voiculescu

Dan-Virgil Voiculescu is a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley... more »

E. H. Moore

Eliakim Hastings Moore was an American mathematician. more »

Efim Zelmanov

Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov is a Russian mathematician, known for his work on combinatorial... more »


Euclid, fl. 300 BC, also known as Euclid of Alexandria, was a Greek mathematician, often... more »

Eudoxus of Cnidus

Eudoxus of Cnidus was a Greek astronomer, mathematician, scholar and student of Plato. All of... more »

Ferdinand Georg Frobenius

Ferdinand Georg Frobenius was a German mathematician, best known for his contributions to the... more »

Ferdinand von Lindemann

Carl Louis Ferdinand von Lindemann was a German mathematician, noted for his proof, published in... more »

Fritz Noether

Fritz Alexander Ernst Noether was a German-born mathematician. Fritz Noether's father Max... more »

G. B. Halsted

George Bruce Halsted was an American mathematician who explored foundations of geometry and... more »

G. H. Hardy

Godfrey Harold "G. H." Hardy FRS was an English mathematician, known for his achievements in... more »

Gábor J. Székely

Gábor J. Székely is a Hungarian-American statistician/mathematician best known for introducing... more »

Gábor Szegő

Gábor Szegő was a Hungarian mathematician. He was one of the foremost analysts of his generation... more »

Gabriel Cramer

Gabriel Cramer was a Swiss mathematician, born in Geneva. He was the son of physician Jean... more »

Giacinto Morera

Giacinto Morera, was an Italian engineer and mathematician. He is known for Morera's theorem in... more »

Giambattista della Porta

Giambattista della Porta, also known as Giovanni Battista Della Porta and John Baptist Porta,... more »

Gian Francesco Malfatti

Giovanni Francesco Giuseppe, also known as Gian Francesco or Gianfrancesco was an Italian... more »

Gian-Carlo Rota

Gian-Carlo Rota was an Italian-born American mathematician and philosopher. more »

Guglielmo Libri Carucci dalla Sommaja

Guglielmo Libri Carucci dalla Sommaja was an Italian count and mathematician, who became known... more »