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Abd al-Hafid of Morocco

Abdelhafid of Morocco was the Sultan of Morocco from 1908 to 1912 and a member of the Alaouite... more »

Abd al-Rahman of Morocco

Mulai Abd al-Rahman ibn Hisham was the sultan of Morocco from 1822 to 1859. He was a member of... more »

Abdullah Qutb Shah

Abdullah Qutb Shah was the seventh ruler of the kingdom of Golconda in southern India under the... more »

Afonso I of Portugal

Afonso I, more commonly known as Afonso Henriques, nicknamed "the Conqueror", "the Founder" or... more »

Afonso II of Portugal

Afonso II, or Affonso, Alfonso or Alphonso or Alphonsus, nicknamed "the Fat", King of Portugal,... more »

Afonso III of Portugal

Afonso III, or Affonso, Alfonso or Alphonso or Alphonsus, the Bolognian, King of Portugal was... more »

Afonso IV of Portugal

Afonso IV, called the Brave, was King of Portugal and the Algarve from 1325 until his death. He... more »

Afonso V of Portugal

Afonso V KG, called the African, was King of Portugal and the Algarves. His sobriquet refers to... more »

Afonso VI of Portugal

Alfons VI, född 21 augusti 1643, död 12 september 1683, var kung av Portugal 1656-1683. Han var... more »

Al-Rashid of Morocco

Mulai al-Rashid was Sultan of Morocco from 1666 to 1672. He has been called the founder of the... more »


Asa was the third king of the Kingdom of Judah and the fifth king of the House of David. He was... more »


Ay was the penultimate Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's 18th dynasty. He held the throne of Egypt for... more »

Bwana Mkuu

Bwana Mkuu was Sultan of Pate, Kenya, 1688 to 1713. At the time Pate dominated Lamu. Bwana Mkuu... more »

Ceawlin of Wessex

Ceawlin was a King of Wessex. He may have been the son of Cynric of Wessex and the grandson of... more »

Claudia Felicitas of Austria

Archduchess Claudia Felicitas of Austria was the eldest daughter of Archduke Ferdinand Charles... more »

Cnut the Great

Cnut the Great, more commonly known as Canute, was a king of Denmark, England, Norway, and parts... more »

Cwichelm of Wessex

Cwichelm was an Anglo-Saxon king of the Gewisse, a people in the upper Thames area who later... more »

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus II of Persia, commonly known as Cyrus the Great, also known as Cyrus the Elder, was the... more »

Cædwalla of Wessex

Cædwalla was the King of Wessex from approximately 685 until he abdicated in 688. His name is... more »


Eadred was the king of England from 946 until his death in 955, in succession to his elder... more »

Edward the Confessor

Edward the Confessor, son of Æthelred the Unready and Emma of Normandy, was one of the last... more »

Faisal I of Iraq

Faisal bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashimi, was King of the Arab Kingdom of Syria or Greater Syria in... more »

Faisal II of Iraq

Faisal II was the last King of Iraq. He reigned from 4 April 1939 until July 1958, when he was... more »


Fajsz, also Falicsi, was Grand Prince of the Hungarians around 950. All information on him comes... more »

Flavius Valerius Severus

Severus, sometimes known as Severus II, was a Western Roman Emperor from 306 to 307. more »