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A. A. Fredericks

Albert Asa Fredericks was an educator and a Democratic politician from Natchitoches, Louisiana,... more »

A. B. A. Ghani Khan Choudhury

A. B. A. Ghani Khan Choudhury, full name Abu Barkat Ataur Ghani Khan Choudhury, known as... more »

A. C. Gibbs

Addison Crandall Gibbs was an American politician. He was the second Governor of Oregon from... more »

A. P. Lutali

Aifili Paulo Lauvao, was governor of American Samoa. The founder of the U.S. commonwealth's... more »

Abba Eban

Abba Eban was an Israeli diplomat and politician. In his career he was Israeli Foreign Affairs... more »

Abba Hushi

Abba Hushi was an Israeli politician who served as mayor of Haifa for eighteen years between... more »

Abdulaziz Komilov

Abdulaziz Khafizovich Komilov is an Uzbek politician who has been Uzbekistan's Minister of... more »

Accamma Cherian

Accamma Cherian was a freedom fighter from the erstwhile Travancore, India. She was popularly... more »

Adolphe-Philippe Caron

Sir Joseph-Philippe-René-Adolphe Caron, PC KCMG was a Canadian lawyer and politician. He is now... more »

Adrien Albert Marie de Mun

Adrien Albert Marie, Comte de Mun, was a French political figure and Social Reformer of the... more »

Affonso Camargo


Afonso de Albuquerque

Portuguese Viceroy of India in the 16th C more »

Afonso Hamm

AFONSO HAMM /RS -... more »

Afonso Pena

Afonso Augusto Moreira Pena was a Brazilian politician. He served as President of Brazil between... more »

Aino-Maija Luukkonen

Aino-Maija Luukkonen is the mayor of the Finnish city Pori. She is a member of the Social... more »

Alain Bédouma Yoda

Alain Bédouma Yoda is a Burkinabé politician. He served in the government of Burkina Faso as... more »

Alain Juppé

Alain Marie Juppé is a French politician who was President of the political party Union for a... more »

Alain Madelin

Alain Madelin is a French politician and a former minister of that country. Madelin, a strong... more »

Alain Rousset

Alain Rousset is the Socialist president of the Aquitaine region of France, and a Deputy in the... more »

Alan Bersin

Alan D. Bersin served as the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Commissioner... more »

Alexander Cameron Hunt

Alexander Cameron Hunt was the fourth Governor of the Territory of Colorado serving from... more »

Alexander Dubček

Alexander Dubček was a Slovak politician and, briefly, leader of Czechoslovakia. He attempted to... more »

Alf Landon

Alfred Mossman Landon, known as Alf Landon, was an American Republican politician, who served as... more »

Alistair Carmichael

Alexander Morrison "Alistair" Carmichael is a Liberal Democrat politician. He has been the... more »

Alpheus Brown Alger

Alpheus Brown Alger was a Massachusetts politician who served in the Massachusetts State Senate,... more »