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Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Sr.

Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Sr. is a transit police officer and jazz musician. more »

Katsuaki Kamiji

Katsuaki Kamiji is a politician and the father of Yusuke Kamiji. more »

Naheed Siddiqui

Naheed Siddiqui is a dancer and the former wife of Zia Mohyeddin. more »

Kathy Lester

Kathy Lester is an actress. more »

Karla Russell Champion

Karla Russell Champion was married to Gower Champion. more »

Clara Bottoms

Clara Bottoms is the daughter of Sam Bottoms. more »

Leena Kamat

Leena Kamat is an actor. more »

Leena Kamat

Leena Kamat is an actress. more »

Declan Lally

Declan Lally, or Déaglán Ó Maolalaidh, is an Irish Gaelic footballer who plays the left half... more »

Yılmaz Bingöl

Yılmaz Bingöl is the father of Turkish singer and actor Yavuz Bingöl. more »

Grace Ricciardo

Grace Ricciardo is the mother of Daniel Ricciardo. more »

Frances Dunsworth

Frances Dunsworth is the mother of John Dunsworth. more »

Kate Edney

Kate Edney is an actor and the wife of Craig Russell. more »

Nicholas Guilak

Nicholas Guilak is an actor, theatre director and producer. more »

Phyllis Planchard

Phyllis Planchard is an actress. more »

Oliver Edwards

Oliver Edwards was a machine company executive, an inventor, and a volunteer officer in the... more »

Valentin Bulgakov

Valentin Fyodorovich Bulgakov was the last secretary of Leo Tolstoy and his biographer. He was... more »

Ed Short

Edwin G. Short was an American professional baseball front office executive. Short worked for... more »

Arnold Federic Hartman

Arnold Federic Hartman is a singer. more »

Eric Alterman

Eric Alterman is an American historian, journalist, author, media critic, blogger, and educator... more »

B.B. Borden

B.B. Borden is a musician. more »

Viola Mary Newport

Viola Mary Newport was a poet and librarian. more »

Peter Egharevba

Peter Egharevba is a Nigerian Retired Footballer that played for New Nigeria Bank F.C. in the... more »

Dom Perno

Dom Perno was the head coach of the UConn Huskies men's basketball team from 1977 to 1986. more »

Neal Casal

Neal Casal is an American guitarst, singer, songwriter, and photographer. He is best known as a... more »

Rhea Walker

Rhea Walker is an actress. more »

Sabin Tambrea

Sabin Tambrea is an actor. more »

Jean Ann Coulter

Jean Ann Coulter is the mother of Shawn Coulter. more »

Camilla Rossiter

Camilla Rossiter is the daughter of Leonard Rossiter and Gillian Raine. more »

Claudia Leonard

Claudia Leonard is the daughter of Robert Sean Leonard. more »

Humphrey Casely Hayford

Humphrey Casely Hayford is an actor. more »

Melora Rivera

Melora Rivera is an actress. more »

Jasper Johnson

Jasper Johnson is the son of actor Don Johnson and Kelley Phleger. more »

Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi is an actor. more »

Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi is an Indian television actor, anchor and singer, who acts in Hindi TV serials and... more »

Arthur Sutton

James Arthur Sutton is a former English cricketer. Sutton was a left-handed batsman who bowled... more »


Maria Di Donna in arte Meg è una cantante italiana. more »


Meg was a member of the musical group High and Mighty Color. more »


Keiko Yorichika in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese recording artist, and fashion... more »

Esteban Copete

Esteban Copete is an actor. more »

Adele Edith Frembd

Adele Edith Frembd is a chef. more »

Dominic Brigstocke

Dominic Brigstocke is a British television director, educated at Downside School. Mostly working... more »

Nalin de Silva

Thakurartha Devadithya Guardiyawasam Lindamulage Nalin Kumara de Silva is a Sri Lankan... more »

Bill Eigenbrodt

Bill Eigenbrodt is a film and TV production designer. more »

Homi J. Bhabha

Homi Jehangir Bhabha, FRS was an Indian nuclear physicist, founding director, and professor of... more »

Scarlett Rachel Anne Curtis

Scarlett Rachel Anne Curtis is the daughter of Richard Curtis and Emma Freud. more »

Melissa Diaz

Melissa Diaz is the mother of Nick Díaz and Nathan Diaz. more »

Prince Arne of Saxony, Duke of Saxony

Prince Arne of Saxony, Duke of Saxony is the son of Rüdiger Karl Ernst Timo Aldi and Astrid Linke more »

Karl Marx

Dr. Karl Rudolf Marx was a German eye doctor who was the first Moravian medical missionary in... more »

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a German composer, conductor, and educator. more »

Karl Marx

Karl Heinrich Marx was a German philosopher, economist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and... more »

Jim Cain

Jim Cain is a former Grey Cup champion Canadian Football League offensive lineman. Cain was a... more »

Jim Cain

James Francis "Dutch" Cain was a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who played two... more »

Nathan Beaulieu

Nathan Anthony Richard Beaulieu is a Canadian ice hockey player who is currently playing for the... more »

Peter Horák

Peter Horák is a Slovak high jumper. more »

Peter Horak

Peter Horak is a stunt performer. more »

Eberhardt Otto George von Bock

Baron Eberhardt Otto George von Bock, was a Hanoverian born major-general in the British army... more »

Mike DeRienzo

Mike DeRienzo is an actor. more »

Elijah Upson

Elijah Upson is the son of English footballer Matthew Upson. more »

Russell C. Menzer

Russel C. Menzer was an art director. more »

Jacob Luther

Jacob Luther was a brother of Martin Luther. more »

Richard "Bails" Bailey

Richard "Bails" Bailey is a member of the musical group The Everly Pregnant Brothers. more »

Jaan Uhelszki

Jaan Uhelszki is an American music journalist and co-founder of the music magazine Creem. She is... more »

Ernest Rivera Sanchez

Ernest Rivera Sanchez was an aerospace engineer and father of actor Paul Sand. more »

Lee Nichols

Lee Nichols is the daugther of Taylor Nichols and Margarita de Eguilior. more »

Kristy Barnes Cullen

Kristy Barnes Cullen is an actress. more »

Stuart M. Brooks

Stuart Merrill Brooks, MD is an American pulmonary doctor who is credited for discovering and... more »

Dennis M. O'Brien

Dennis Michael "Denny" O'Brien is a Republican member of the Philadelphia City Council. He... more »

Edith Bohlen

Edith Bohlen is the mother of Dieter Bohlen. more »

Drew Hale

Drew Hale is an actor. more »

Allie Wrubel

Elias Paul "Allie" Wrubel was an American composer and songwriter. more »

Helen Duval

Helen Duval is a former Dutch pornographic actress. She entered the sex industry as a column... more »

Sean Gailey

Sean Gailey is the owner of San Diego, California-based clothing line, Jinx. more »

Sharon Sullivan

Sharon Sullivan was the wife of the late Paul Hipp. more »

Sharon Sullivan

Sharon Sullivan is the widow of John Sullivan. more »

Judah ben Nissim

Judah ben Nissim al-Malkah was a Moroccan, Jewish writer and philosopher living in the 13th... more »

Peter Durrett

Peter Durrett was a Baptist preacher and slave, who with his wife founded the First African... more »

Jorge Salinas

Jorge Salinas Pérez is a Mexican television and film actor, best known for his leading roles in... more »

Jorge Salinas

Jorge Martín Salinas is a Paraguayan football midfielder who currently plays for club Atlético 3... more »

Daniel Mooney

Daniel Mooney is an actor. more »

Daniel Mooney

Daniel Mooney is an actor. more »

Tully Chapin Sohmer

Tully Chapin Sohmer is the son of Steve Sohmer more »

Philip Berling

Philip Berling is a theatre director. more »

Frances Saunders

Frances Saunders is the wife of Daniel Sollinger. more »

Wilbert Montgomery

Wilbert Montgomery is a former American football player in the National Football League for nine... more »

Coco Lux Whiley-Morton

Coco Lux Whiley-Morton is the daughter of DJ Jo Whiley and Steve Morton. more »

Osmond McRae

Osmond McRae was the father of Carmen McRae. more »

Eddie "La Bala" Pérez

Eddie "La Bala" Pérez is a musician. more »

Perry Davey

Perry Davey is an actor and stunt performer. more »

Nancy Hunt

Nancy Hunt is the wife of Nile Rodgers. more »

Terrell Dillard

Terrell Dillard is the father of Jud Dillard. more »

John Opie

John Opie was an English historical and portrait painter. He painted many great men and women of... more »

Blake James

Blake James is a cinematographer. more »

Francine Crow Dog

Francine Crow Dog is the first wife of Leonard Crow Dog. more »

Keith Chater

Keith Frederick Chater FRS is a British microbiologist, and John Innes Foundation Emeritus... more »

B. F. Skinner

Burrhus Frederic "B. F." Skinner was an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor,... more »

Geoffrey S. Grimsman

Geoffrey S. Grimsman is a film art director and production designer. more »

Sarah Lundy

Sarah Lundy is the wife of Guy Hovis. more »

Lewis Dix Jr.

Lewis Dix Jr. is an actor. more »

Shannon Lower

Shannon Lower is an actress. more »

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