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Atanaska Doycheva

Atanaska Doycheva is the mother of the singer Alicia. more »

Nancy Elizabeth Smothers

Nancy Elizabeth Smothers was the mother of Ira Doyle Nelson. more »

Claire Van Der Elst-Blondel

Claire Van Der Elst-Blondel is a makeup artist. more »

Florence Lancien

Florence Lancien is the former wife of Robert Alagna. more »

Voroshil Gukasyan

Voroshil Levonovich Gukasyan was a Soviet linguist, caucasologist and specialist in Udi language... more »

Luz Pazos

Luz Pazos is a film actress. more »

Queen Jackson Haley

Queen Jackson Haley is the mother of Simon Haley. more »

Francis de Noyelle

Francis de Noyelle was a mountaineer. more »

Estela Lopez R.

Estela Lopez R. is an actress. more »

Diane White

Diane White is a model, singer and actress. more »

Uña Ramos

Mariano Uña Ramos is an Argentinian musician. He was born in the region of Humahuaca, Argentina,... more »

Kristinn Walsh

Kristinn Walsh is an actor. more »

Abdoulaide Mzé Mbaba

Abdoulaide Mzé Mbaba is a Comoran footballer who played at 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualification. more »

Adham El Sherif

Adham El Sherif is a film director, producer and screenwriter. more »

Kai Malina

Kai Malina is an actor. more »

Rich Tackenberg

Rich Tackenberg is a producer, director, and writer. more »

Brent Triplett

Brent Triplett is a film actor, film director, screenwriter and film editor. more »

Olivia Llewellyn

Olivia Llewellyn is an actress. more »

Godfrey Irving

Major General Godfrey George Howy Irving was an Australian Army Major General in World War I. more »

Monica Michaels

Monica Michaels is an actress. more »

Adalberto Rossetti

Adalberto Rossetti is an actor. more »

Victor Celorio

Victor Celorio is an author, entrepreneur, inventor, and former union organizer. He lives and... more »

Maggie Collier

Maggie Collier is an actress. more »

Norayr Musheghian

Norayr Musheghian was an Armenian wrestler, coach and public activist. more »

Melissa Masonheimer Rogers

Melissa Masonheimer Rogers is the wife of American professional beach volleyball player Todd Rogers. more »

Garibaldo Lucii

Garibaldo Lucii is an actor. more »

Yoshiya Nemoto

Yoshiya Nemoto is a voice actor. more »

C. D. Naidu

C. D. Naidu is the Principal of VNRVJIET. more »

Klaus Sühl

Klaus Sühl ist ein deutscher Politikwissenschaftler und Politiker. Er war von 2001 bis 2006... more »

Merritt Mitchell

Merritt Mitchell is an actress. more »

Cynthia Mitchell

Cynthia Mitchell is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

Cynthia Mitchell

Cynthia Mitchell is an actress. more »

Rafael Régoli

Rafael Régoli is an actor. more »

Bruce Willis

Walter Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955), better known as Bruce Willis, is an American actor,... more »

Ashraf Habibullah

Ashraf Habibullah is a structural engineer and software developer best known as the founder,... more »

Melanie Decelles Castro

Melanie Decelles Castro is an actress. more »

Horst Steinkühler

Horst Steinkühler ist ein deutscher Politiker und ehemaliger Landtagsabgeordneter. more »

Kelly Cristina Nascimento

Kelly Cristina Nascimento is the daughter of Pelé. more »

Duane Maybee

Duane Maybee appeared in the Vietnam Requiem documentary film. more »

Don McGowan

Don McGowan is an actor. more »

Ted Geoghegan

Filmmaker and author Ted Geoghegan grew up in Great Falls, Montana, attending private and public... more »

Robert H. Goddard

Robert Hutchings Goddard was an American professor, physicist, and inventor who is credited with... more »

Penny Hess

Penny Hess is an actress and mother to Sam Rockwell. more »

Seo Myeong-hye

Seo Myeong-hye is a film art director and production designer. more »

Ernst Yakovlev

Ernst Yakovlev is a cinematographer. more »

Talât Tekin

Talât Tekin is a turkologist. more »

Kirsty Jobling

Kirsty Jobling is an actress. more »

Ross Welch

Ross Welch is a member of the musical group, Vocal Point. more »

Valdereis Abilel

Valdereis Abilel is an actress. more »

Pierre Ribes

Pierre Ribes was a politician. more »

Cole Welch

Cole Welch is the son of Tawny Little and Rick Welch. more »

Juan Pablo Favero

Juan Pablo Favero is the son of Nacha Guevara. more »

Sylvia Walker

Sylvia Walker is the mother of Carl Bernstein. more »

Eric I, Duke of Mecklenburg

Eric I, Duke of Mecklenburg was a Duke of Mecklenburg and heir to the throne of Sweden. Eric was... more »

Jesus Leonardo Asúnsolo Jacques

Jesus Leonardo Asúnsolo Jacques was the father of Dolores del Río. more »

Arkadiusz Nader

Arkadiusz Nader is an actor. more »

Nabeel Abbas

Nabeel Abaas, is an Indian entrepreneur, the founder of the Epigram Group of companies, a media... more »

Nabeel Abbas

Nabeel Abbas Lafta is an Iraqi football defender. He currently plays for Najaf FC in Iraq... more »

Jacques Maroun

Jacques Maroun is an actor. more »

Tom Corbisiero

Tom Corbisiero is an actor. more »

Raymond Kwok

Raymond Kwok Ping Luen JP is the joint-chairman and managing director of Sun Hung Kai... more »

Raymond Kwok

Raymond Kwok is a film art director. more »

Aaron Harnick

Aaron Harnick is a film director, screenwriter and actor. more »

Valpuri Innamaa

Valpuri Eerikintytär Innamaa was a Finnish merchant and shipowner in Turku. Valpuri was widowed... more »

Gulu Balwinder

Gulu Balwinder is an actor. more »

August Streufert

August Karl Hans Streufert war ein deutscher Politiker. more »

Bob Yeazel

Bob Yeazel was a member of the musical group, Sugarloaf. more »

Habiballah Esmaili

Habiballah Esmaili is an Iranian or Tadjik historian and University Professor. Esmaili is chief... more »

Alyona Babenko

Alyona Babenko is an actress. more »

Sunil Bob

Sunil Bob is an actor. more »

Fernando Rodríguez de Castro (died 1304)

Fernando Rodríguez de Castro (died 1304), was a Galician noble and a member of the House of... more »

Kiki van Persie

Kiki van Persie is the sister of Robin van Persie. more »

Agostinho Martins Pereira

Agostinho Martins Pereira is an actor, screenwriter and film director. more »

C.R. Reisser

C.R. Reisser is a film director, screenwriter and film editor. more »

Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd is the younger sister of Cher Lloyd. more »

Emmett Ratcliff Smith Sr

Emmett Ratcliff Smith Sr was the father of Donna Douglas. more »

Eva Stefankovicová

Eva Stefankovicová is a film director and casting director. more »

Juan Carlos Ortiz-Duran

Juan Carlos Ortiz-Duran is a cinematographer. more »

Tracy Garneau

Tracy Garneau is a Canadian ultramarathoner. She was the 2010 UltraRunning Female North American... more »

David Nabarro

Dr. David Nabarro, studied at Oxford and London Universities and qualified as a physician in... more »

Javier Grandoli

Javier Grandoli is a former Argentine footballer currently played for clubs of Argentina and Chile. more »

Lubomír Tomeček

Lubomír Tomeček is a Czech mountain bike orienteer. He won a bronze medal in the middle distance... more »

Gabino Vincent Leal

Gabino Vincent Leal is an actor. more »

Melanie Andrea Lazenby

Melanie Andrea Lazenby is the daughter of George Lazenby. more »

Melanie Otey

Melanie Otey is the wife of Ken Hixon. more »

K. V. L. Narasimham

Justice K. V. L. Narasimham was Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court. He was born on 1... more »

Guillaume Cabaret

Guillaume Cabaret appeared in the Tony Curtis, Driven to Stardom documentary film. more »

Yûki Furukawa

Yûki Furukawa is an actor. more »

Lim Kye-Sook

Lim Kye-Sook is a South Korean former field hockey player who competed in the 1988 Summer... more »

Gabriela Montaraz

Gabriela Montaraz is an actor. more »

Ghassan Bouz

Lebanese actor and musician. more »

Hilde Hawlicek

Hilde Hawlicek ist eine ehemalige österreichische Politikerin. more »

Zuri Glass

Zuri Glass is a daughter of Zachary Glass. more »

Ren Jianxin

Ren Jianxin was the President of the Supreme People's Court of China from 1988 to 1998. more »

Firmine Richard

Firmine Richard is a French actress.Her film credits include 8 Women and Hunting and... more »

Barbara Beall

Barbara Beall is an actress. more »

Pichin Plá

Pichin Plá was an actress. more »

Chanel Sabeva

Chanel Sabeva is an actress and film producer. more »

Geoffrey B. Nimmer

Geoffrey B. Nimmer is an actor. more »

Rashad Dehan

Rashad Dehan is an actor. more »

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