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Rafael Herrera

Rafael Herrera is an actor. more »

Rafael Herrera

Rafael Herrera is a former boxer from Mexico. He has won world titles in the Bantamweight division. more »

Eugenia Wright

Eugenia Wright was an actress. more »

Alan Loney

Alan Perress Loney is a writer, poet, editor, publisher and letterpress printer. His work has... more »

Scott Brewer

Scott Brewer is an actor. more »

Italia Anita Maria Smith

Italia Anita Maria Smith is the daughter of LL Cool J. more »

Evie Delatosso

Evie Delatosso is a pornographic actress. more »

Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee is an actress. more »

Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee is a member of the musical group The Western Swing Authority. more »

Paul Cruickshank

John Paul Cruickshank is an English former professional footballer who played in the Football... more »

Richard Arthur Hopkins

Richard Arthur Hopkins was a baker and the father of Anthony Hopkins. more »

Iwo Byczewski

Iwo Byczewski is a Polish Diplomat. more »

Jett Evan Titus

Jett Evan Titus is the son of Christopher Titus. more »

Piero Basso

Piero Basso is a cinematographer. more »

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper is a film art director and actor. more »

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper, three-time Emmy Award winner, art director and founder of 4 LLC, a New York new... more »

Wylie Oddo

Wylie Oddo is the daughter of actress Chelsea Hobbs. more »

Eric Foster

Eric Foster is a film editor. more »

Eric Foster

Eric Foster is a film actor. more »

Eric Foster

Eric Foster is a Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada, and a member of... more »

Eric Foster

Eric Jerome Foster is an American football defensive tackle who is currently a free agent. He... more »

Ken Koudelka

Ken Koudelka is a member of the musical group Lillian Axe. more »

Ivaylo Geraskov

Ivaylo Geraskov is an actor. more »

Melissa Weing

Melissa Weing is a film actress and producer. more »

Richard Ackland

Richard Ackland is an Australian journalist, publisher and lawyer, who has won many awards for... more »

Gaya Traub

Gaya Traub is an actress. more »

Jack Wright Jr.

Jack Wright Jr. is a set decorator. more »

Houston Stockton

Houston Stockton is the brother of basketball player David Stockton. more »

Nick Zoricic

Nick Zoricic (19 February 1983 – 10 March 2012) was a Canadian ski cross skier who died... more »

Noah Kimmerling

Noah Kimmerling is a film actor. more »

Eiler Hagerup d.e.

Eiler Hagerup d.e. was the Bishop of the Diocese of Nidaros from 1731 until his death in 1743... more »

Taylor Stormberg

Taylor Stormberg is a basketball player at the Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. more »

Claude Fuller

Claude W. Fuller graduated from Australia's Melbourne University. He worked as an entomologist... more »

Russ Freeman

Russ Freeman is a smooth jazz artist of multiple genres, composer and bandleader. more »

Russ Freeman

Russell Donald Freeman was a bebop and cool jazz pianist and composer. Initially, Freeman was... more »

Rebeca Aleman

Rebeca Aleman is an actress, a film editor and a film producer. more »

F. K. Otto Dibelius

Friedrich Karl Otto Dibelius was a German bishop of the Evangelical Church in... more »

Gunnel Brostrom

Gunnel Broström was an actress and film director. more »

Baldwin Bazuaye

Baldwin Bazuaye is a retired Nigerian international footballer, who played as a forward. more »

Colin Irving

Colin Irving is an actor. more »

Colin Irving

Colin Irving is a hair stylist. more »

Hamdi Konur

Hamdi Konur is a founding member of the Human Rights Association. more »

Ghassan Salamé

Ghassan Salamé is the Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs and professor of... more »

To Be Named

For University Professorships or Chairs that are allocated but not yet filled, this topic is used. more »

Susan D'Andrea Lee

Susan D'Andrea Lee is the sister of economist Laura D'Andrea Tyson. more »

Edwina Moore

Edwina Moore is an actress. more »

Gunnar Eklund

Gunnar Eklund is an American football offensive lineman for the Washington State Cougars. more »

Charlene Smith

Charlene Smith is an actress. more »

Charlene Smith

Charlene Smith is an artist that was nominated for Best R&B/Soul Recording in the 1996 Juno Awards. more »

Mitchell Gorshin

Mitchell Gorshin is the son of Frank Gorshin. more »

Francesc Xavier Grau i Vidal

Francesc Xavier Grau i Vidal is the Rector of University of Rovira i Virgili. more »

Eron Otcasek

Eron Otcasek is an actor. more »

Siya Kumar

Siya Kumar is the daughter of Kumar Gaurav. more »

Duncan James Watson

Duncan James Watson is the son of James D. Watson. more »

Giulio Berruti

Giulio Berruti is an actor. more »

Giulio Berruti

Giulio Berruti is a film editor, a film director and a screenwriter. more »

Colin Thompson

Colin Edward Thompson is an English/Australian writer of children's books, science fiction, and... more »

Gina Flores

Gina Flores is the wife of politician Bill Flores. more »

Dominic Kallipersad

Dominic Kallipersad is a veteran journalist, and one of the most recognizable faces in Trinidad... more »

Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon

Sir Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon, GCVO RDI is an English... more »

Aisha Hunt

Aisha Hunt is the daughter of Margaret Avery. more »

Alfredo Sucre Fagre

Alfredo Sucre Fagre was born on July 30, 1959. His father was Alfredo Sucre Sucre, important... more »

Benoît Dutrizac

Benoît Dutrizac is a Canadian journalist and commentator based in Quebec. He is the host of... more »

Bruno D'Abo

Bruno D'Abo is the brother of Olivia d'Abo. more »

Evelyn Addo

Evelyn Addo is an actress. more »

Evelyn Severance

Evelyn Severance was the wife of actor John Dehner. more »

Karen d'Abo

Karen d'Abo was the wife of Mike d'Abo. more »

Abe Kwong

Abe Kwong is a screenwriter, film producer and film director. more »

Karen Meyer

Karen Meyer is a sister of actor Johnny Meyer. more »

Karen Meyer

Karen Meyer is a teacher and the mother of Marc Horowitz. more »

Trygve Reenskaug

Trygve Mikkjel Heyerdahl Reenskaug is a Norwegian computer scientist and professor emeritus of... more »

Michael Callaby

Michael Callaby was an artist and the father of Tara Fitzgerald. more »

W. A. B. Douglas

William Alexander Binny "Alec" Douglas is a Canadian naval historian, who was Director,... more »

Sir William Fermor, 1st Baronet

Sir William Fermor, 1st Baronet, was an officer in the Royalist army during the English Civil... more »

Lijo Jose Pellissery

Lijo Jose Pellissery is an Indian filmmaker who works in Malayalam cinema. He has directed three... more »

Gwede Mantashe

Gwede Mantashe is a South African politician, holding the post of ANC secretary general. He is a... more »

Austin Almanza

Austin Almanza is a film director and film editor. more »

Teddy Maurya

Teddy Maurya is an actor, production designer and film art director. more »

Dan Penn

Dan Penn is an American singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer who co-wrote many soul... more »

Rafael Muñoz

Rafael Muñoz Pérez is an Olympic swimmer from Spain. He competed for the Spanish Olympic team at... more »

Rafael Muñoz

Rafael F. Munoz was a journalist, writer, novelist and an actor. more »

Rafael Muñoz

Rafael Muñoz was a Puerto Rican contra bass musician and big band director . Muñoz was chosen to... more »

Sean Curtin

Sean Curtin is the first youth "Double Gold Olympian" in Ohio, in the sport of archery. more »

Srully Blotnick

Srully Blotnick was an American author and journalist. Notable books include Getting Rich Your... more »

Sylvia Mosqueda

Sylvia Mosqueda is an American long distance runner notable for hard front running over an... more »

Thierry Redler

Thierry Redler is an actor, film director and screenwriter. more »

Tom Flores

Thomas Raymond "Tom" Flores is a retired American football quarterback and coach. Flores and... more »

Tom Flores

Tom Flores is a television producer. more »

Gloria Estefan

Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García de Estefan, known professionally as Gloria Estefan is a... more »

Alan DerMarderosian

Alan DerMarderosian is a film score composer. more »

Dan Corsi

Dan Corsi was a member of the musical group, Northern Line. more »

Ruslan Versace

Ruslan Versace is a brother of Vitaliy Versace. more »

Pamela Kwong Fong

Pamela Kwong Fong is an actress. more »

Tamati Ngapora

Tāmati Ngāpora was a New Zealand Waikato leader, lay preacher, assessor and adviser to the Māori... more »

Adelaide of Guelders

Adelaide of Guelders was the daughter of Count Otto I of Guelders and his wife, Richardis, the... more »

Aurora Sanchez Estrada

Aurora Sanchez Estrada is a stage actress. more »

Joan Van Horn

Joan Van Horn is a television producer. more »

Geoffrey Levy

Geoffrey Levy is a film producer. more »

Gertrude Elliott

Gertrude Elliott was an actress. more »

Meg Heus

Meg Heus is an actress. more »

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