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Alexander Thomas Cameron

Alexander Thomas Cameron was a British-born Canadian biochemist. He was best known as Professor... more »

Alexander van Oudenaarden

Alexander van Oudenaarden is a Dutch biophysicist and systems biologist. He is a leading... more »

Alexander Vankov

Alexander Vankov was a Postdoctoral fellow and Research Scientist at Stanford University. more »

Alexander Wetmore

Frank Alexander Wetmore was an American ornithologist and avian paleontologist. He was the sixth... more »

Alexander William Bickerton

Professor Alexander William Bickerton was the first professor of Chemistry at Canterbury College... more »

Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson was a Scottish-American poet, ornithologist, naturalist, and illustrator... more »

Alexander Y. Katsov

Alexander Katsov is a post-doctoral scholar ar the Laboratory of Neural Circuits and Behavior,... more »

Alexandr Pavlovich Rasnitsyn

Alexandr Pavlovich Rasnitsyn is a Russian entomologist, expert in palaeoentomology, and Honored... more »

Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Bryant Morton is an independent biologist who settled in Kwikwasut'inuxw Haxwa'mis... more »

Alexandre Arsène Girault

Alexandre Arsène Girault was an American entomologist specialising in the study of chalcid... more »

Alexandre Baudrimont

Alexandre Edouard Baudrimont was a 19th-century French professor of chemistry who published... more »

Alexandre Beaudoin

Alexandre Beaudoin is a Quebec fingerprint scientist known for inventing a technique for... more »

Alexandre Persat

Alexandre Persat is a post-doctoral scholar at Princeton. He was a graduate student in the... more »

Alexei Fridman

Alexey Maksimovich Fridman was a Soviet physicist specializing in astrophysics, physics of... more »

Alexei M Voloshin

Alexei Voloshin was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Alexei Pavlovich Fedchenko

Alexei Pavlovich Fedchenko was a Russian naturalist and explorer well known for his travels in... more »

Alexey Vladimir Bobrov

Alexey Vladimir F. Ch. Bobrov is a Russian botanist and explorer. He is a researcher at the... more »

Alexi S. Rakow

Alexi Rakow is at Exponent Failure Analysis and was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Alf Brodal

Alf Brodal was a Norwegian professor of anatomy. more »

Alfons Maria Jakob

Alfons Maria Jakob was a German neurologist who worked in the field of neuropathology. He was... more »

Alfonso Falero

Alfonso J. Falero Folgoso is a Spanish japanologist born in Granada in 1959. He is an expert on... more »

Alfonso Giacomo Gaspare Corti

Alfonso Giacomo Gaspare Corti was born at Gambarana, near Pavia in 1822. A famous friend of... more »

Alfred Bailey

Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey, OC FRSC was a Canadian educator, poet, anthropologist,... more »

Alfred Baker

Alfred Baker was a Canadian academic. Born in Toronto, of Yorkshire parents, Baker was educated... more »

Alfred Baring Garrod

Sir Alfred Baring Garrod FRS was an English physician. Garrod was born in Ipswich, the son of... more »

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