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Avram Hershko

Avram Hershko is a Hungarian born Israeli biochemist and Nobel laureate in Chemistry. more »

Avrelija Cencič

Avrelija Cencič was an award-winning Slovenian university professor, researcher in the fields of... more »

Avrion Mitchison

The Honourable Avrion "Av" Mitchison FRS is a British zoologist and immunologist. more »

Awadh Kishore Narain

Professor Awadh Kishore Narain was an Indian historian, numismatist and archaeologist, who has... more »

Axel T. Brunger

Axel T. Brunger is a German American biophysicist and Professor of Molecular and Cellular... more »

Aya Kamaya

Aya Kamaya is Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Stanford University Medical Center. more »

Ayanna Howard

Ayanna MacCalla Howard is an American roboticist and an Associate Professor at the School of... more »

Ayo Ogunsheye

Ayo Ogunsheye is a Nigerian academic, nationalism scholar and former head of the extra murals... more »

Azary Abramovich Lapidus

Azary Abramovich Lapidus - Doctor of Science Professor, member of advisory council on urban... more »

Aziz Suryal Atiya

Professor Aziz Suryal Atiya was a prominent Coptologist who was a Coptic historian and scholar... more »

Azor Betts

Azor Betts was an English doctor who began his practice in the Province of New York before the... more »

Azriel Rosenfeld

Professor Dr. Azriel Rosenfeld was an American Research Professor, a Distinguished University... more »

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