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Adolf Kirchhoff

Johann Wilhelm Adolf Kirchhoff, German classical scholar and epigraphist. more »

Adolf Lesser

Adolf Lesser was a German physician who specialized in forensic medicine. He was born in the... more »

Adolf Mayer

Adolf Eduard Mayer was a German agricultural chemist whose work on tobacco mosaic disease played... more »

Adolf Schenck

Adolf Schenck was a German geographer, mineralogist and botanist who was a native of Siegen. He... more »

Adolf Schlatter

Adolf Schlatter was a world-leading Evangelical theologian and professor specialising in the New... more »

Adolf Schulten

Adolf Schulten was a German historian and archaeologist. Schulten was born in Elberfeld, Rhine... more »

Adolf Slaby

Adolf Karl Heinrich Slaby was a German electronics pioneer and the first Professor of... more »

Adolf Thiel

Adolf Thiel was an Austrian-born German expert in guided missiles during World War II, and later... more »

Adolf Wuttke

Karl Friedrich Adolf Wuttke was a German Protestant theologian. more »

Adolfo García-Sastre

Adolfo García-Sastre, Ph.D., is a Professor of Medicine and Microbiology and co-director of the... more »

Adolph Cornelis van Bruggen

Adolph Cornelis van Bruggen, also known as A. C. van Bruggen or Dolf van Bruggen is a... more »

Adolph Strümpell

Ernst Adolf Gustav Gottfried von Strümpell was a Baltic German neurologist. Strümpell was the... more »

Adolph Wilhelm Otto

Adolph Wilhelm Otto was a German anatomist who was a native of Greifswald. In 1808 he earned his... more »

Adriaan van Wijngaarden

Adriaan van Wijngaarden was a Dutch mathematician and computer scientist, who is considered by... more »

Adrian Daub

Adrian Daub is Assistant Professor of German Studies at Stanford University more »

Adrian Kantrowitz

Adrian Kantrowitz was an American cardiac surgeon whose team performed the world's first... more »

Adrián Recinos

Adrián Recinos was a Guatemalan historian, essayist, Mayanist scholar and translator, and... more »

Adriano Buzzati-Traverso

Adriano Buzzati-Traverso was an Italian geneticist. In 1962 he founded in Naples the Laboratorio... more »

Adriano Garsia

Adriano Mario Garsia is an Italian American mathematician who works in combinatorics,... more »

Adrien Loir

Adrien Loir was a French bacteriologist born in Lyon. He was a nephew of Louis Pasteur, and for... more »

Adrienne M. Jamieson

Adrienne Jamieson leads the Stanford in Washington Program (SIW). more »

Aftab Hasan

Aftab Hasan commonly known as Major Aftab, was an educationist, linguist, and instrumental in... more »

Agenor Mafra-Neto

Agenor Mafra-Neto, PhD, is a chemical ecology researcher and entrepreneur in the entomological... more »

Aghabeyim agha Javanshir

Aghabeyim agha Javanshir was an Azerbaijani poet, daughter of the second khan of Karabakh... more »

Ágnes Szokolszky

Ágnes Szokolszky is a Hungarian educator and psychologist, a habilitated associate professor and... more »

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