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Agostino Bassi

Agostino Bassi, sometimes called de Lodi, was an Italian entomologist. He preceded Louis Pasteur... more »

Agostino Gemelli

Agostino Gemelli, O.F.M., was an Italian Franciscan friar, physician and psychologist, who was... more »

Aharon Isser

Aharon Isser was a leading Israeli aeronautical engineer. He contributed much to the modeling of... more »

Ahmad Hasan Dani

Professor Ahmad Hasan Dani FRAS, SI, HI, was a Pakistani intellectual, archaeologist, historian,... more »

Ahsan Mubarak

Ahsan Mubarak, is a Pakistani geophysicist and nuclear seismologist who is renowned for his... more »

Aida Imanguliyeva

Aida Nasir gizi Imanguliyeva was born on October 10, 1939 in Baku in a highly intelligent... more »

Aisling Judge

Aisling Judge is an Irish scientist from Kinsale, County Cork. She was the winner of the 42nd... more »

Ajai R. Singh

Ajai R. Singh is a psychiatrist and editor, Mens Sana Monographs. He has written extensively on... more »

Akbar Adibi

Akbar Adibi was an Iranian electronic engineer, VLSI researcher, and university engineering... more »

Akhileshwar Pathak

Akhileshwar Pathak is a professor in the Business Law area at the Indian Institute of... more »

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Akhtar Hameed Khan was a Pakistani development activist and social scientist. He promoted... more »

Akinori Yonezawa

Akinori Yonezawa is a Japanese computer scientist specializing in object-oriented programming,... more »

Akintoye, Oluyemi ayorinde, BSc (hons) , MSc, PhD.

Dr. Akintoye, Oluyemi Ayorinde , is a Nigerian researcher and University teacher in Geo... more »

Akira Endo

Akira Endo is a Japanese biochemist whose research into the relationship between fungi and... more »

Akira Suzuki

Akira Suzuki is a Japanese chemist and Nobel Prize Laureate, who first published the Suzuki... more »

Akito Arima

Akito Arima is a Japanese nuclear physicist, known for the interacting boson model. Arima was... more »

Akitsune Imamura

Akitsune Imamura was a Japanese seismologist. Born in a poor family, he nonetheless managed to... more »

Akiva Yaglom

Akiva Moiseevich Yaglom was a Soviet and Jewish physicist, mathematician, statistician, and... more »

Aksel C. Wiin-Nielsen

Aksel C. Wiin-Nielsen was a Danish professor of meteorology at University of Copenhagen,... more »

Alain Gringarten

Professor Alain Gringarten is a French scientist, professor, and Director of the Center for... more »

Alan Asbeck

Alan Asbeck is a postdoctoral researcher under Andrew Ng in the Department of Computer Science... more »

Alan Brownstein

Alan E. Brownstein is Professor of Law and the Boochever and Bird Chair for the Study and... more »

Alan Bundy

Alan Richard Bundy, CBE, FRS, FREng, FRSE, FBCS, FAAAI, FECCAI, FAISB, is a professor at the... more »

Alan Dennis Clark

Alan Dennis Clark is a British physicist and member of the American Physical Society. He was... more »

Alan Dowty

Alan Dowty is an American author and Professor of Political Science Emeritus, University of... more »

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