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Alejo Avello

Alejo Avello is the current Director of CEIT Research Institute and he has been the Dean of... more »

Aleksandr Leonidovich Zaitsev

Aleksandr Leonidovich Zaitsev is a Russian and Soviet radio engineer and astronomer from... more »

Aleksandr Prokofyevich Markevich

Aleksandr Prokofyevich Markevich was a Ukrainian zoologist, and a prolific helminthologist and... more »

Aleksandr Viktorovich Fyodorov

Alexander Victorovich Fedorov was born November 4, 1954. He completed his Ph.D. dissertation... more »

Aleksey Lidov

Alexei Mikhailovich Lidov is a Russian art historian and byzantinist, an author of the concept... more »

Alessandra Giliani

Alessandra Giliani was the first woman to be recorded in historical documents as practicing anatomy. more »

Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, is an Italian economist and manager. more »

Alessandro Vaciago

Alessandro Vaciago was a Professor of Chemical Structure, University of Rome from 1971 to 1993... more »

Alex Dow

Alex Dow was a Scottish-born US engineer. Alex Dow was born in Scotland in 1862. He emigrated to... more »

Alex Guo

Alex Guo is a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Alex Omid-Zohoor

Alex Omid-Zohoor is a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Alexander Abrosimov

Alexánder Víktorovich Abrósimov was a Russian mathematician and teacher. more »

Alexander Ales

Alexander Ales was a Scottish theologian of the school of Augsburg. more »

Alexander Amini

Alexander Amini is an American scientist from Dublin, Ireland, currently studying at the... more »

Alexander Animalu

Alexander Obiefoka Enukora Animalu, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Physics at University of... more »

Alexander Bachmanov

Dr. Alexander Bachmanov is a scientist and geneticist currently working at the Monell Chemical... more »

Alexander Bryson

Alexander Bryson FRSE FGS FRSSA FSAScot FRPSE was a Scottish biologist, geologist and horologist... more »

Alexander C. Monteith

Alexander Crawford Monteith was a Senior Vice-President of the Westinghouse Electric... more »

Alexander Cannon

Alexander Cannon was a British psychiatrist, occultist, hypnotist and author. He became well... more »

Alexander Christakis

Alexander Christakis is a Greek American social scientist, systems scientist and cyberneticist,... more »

Alexander Conze

Alexander Christian Leopold Conze was a German archaeologist who specialized in ancient Greek... more »

Alexander Dalgarno

Alexander Dalgarno FRS is a British physicist who is Phillips Professor of Astronomy at Harvard... more »

Alexander Davydov

Alexander Sergeevich Davydov was a Soviet and Ukrainian physicist. Davydov graduated from Moscow... more »

Alexander Dinghas

Alexander Dinghas was a Greek mathematician. more »

Alexander E. Shilov

Alexander E. Shilov was a Russian chemist. Shilov was born in Ivanovo, Russia, studied Chemistry... more »

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