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Daniel C. Berrios

Daniel C. Berrios is a project scientist in the Information Sharing and Integration group of the... more »

Daniel C. Drucker

Daniel Charles Drucker was an authority on the theory of plasticity in the field of applied... more »

Daniel Carleton Gajdusek

Daniel Carleton Gajdusek was an American physician and medical researcher who was the... more »

Daniel Cere

Daniel Mark Cere is a professor of Religious Studies at McGill University and researcher on... more »

Daniel Cramer

Daniel Cramer was a German Lutheran theologian and writer from Reetz, Brandenburg. He was an... more »

Daniel Dorling

Danny Dorling is a British social geographer and is the Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography... more »

Daniel E. Atkins III

Daniel E. Atkins III is the W. K. Kellogg Professor of Community Informatics at University of... more »

Daniel Foss

Daniel A. Foss is an American sociologist. He is the author of Freak Culture: Life Style and... more »

Daniel Georg Morhof

Daniel Georg Morhof was a German writer and scholar. He was born at Wismar. He first studied... more »

Daniel H. Lowenstein

Daniel H. Lowenstein, M.D., is the Robert B. and Ellinor Aird Professor and Vice Chairman in the... more »

Daniel Halberstam

Daniel Halberstam is a legal scholar. Halberstam is the Eric Stein Collegiate Professor of Law... more »

Daniel I.C. Wang

Daniel I-Chyau Wang is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Wang... more »

Daniel Joseph Connelly

Daniel Connelly was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Daniel Laskin

Daniel M. Laskin is a distinguished oral and maxillofacial surgeon and educator who has... more »

Daniel Lerner

Daniel Lerner was an American scholar and writer known for his studies on modernization theory... more »

Daniel Lev

Daniel Saul Lev was an American political scientist and scholar on Indonesia. Lev was born and... more »

Daniel Lidar

Daniel Amihud Lidar is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chemistry, and the Director and... more »

Daniel Ling

Daniel Ling, OC was a foremost authority on the teaching of speech to deaf children. His speech... more »

Daniel M. Oppenheimer

Daniel M. Oppenheimer is an associate professor of psychology at the UCLA Anderson School of... more »

Daniel Mazia

Daniel Mazia was an American cell biologist, best known for his 1951 research with Katsuma Dan... more »

Daniel Nathans

Daniel Nathans was an American microbiologist. more »

Daniel P. Flickinger

Dan Flickinger is Senior Research Associate with the Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY),... more »

Daniel Ramage

Daniel Ramage is a research scientist at Google. more »

Daniel S. Pickard

Daniel S. Pickard was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Daniel S. Weld

Daniel Sabey "Dan" Weld is the Thomas J. Cable/WRF Professor of Computer Science and Engineering... more »

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