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Ernest Beutler

Ernest Beutler was a German-born American hematologist and biomedical scientist. He made... more »

Ernest Burgess

Ernest Watson Burgess was an urban sociologist born in Tilbury, Ontario. He was educated at... more »

Ernest Corominas

Ernest Corominas i Vigneaux is a Spanish-French mathematician. Born in Barcelona, he studied... more »

Ernest de Koven Leffingwell

Ernest de Koven Leffingwell was an arctic explorer, geologist and Spanish-American War... more »

Ernest Fourneau

Ernest Fourneau was a French medicinal chemist who played a major role in the discovery of... more »

Ernest Kirkendall

Ernest Oliver Kirkendall was an American chemist and metallurgist. He is known for his 1947... more »

Ernest Lenard Hall

Ernest Lenard Hall, Ph.D., PE, is Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and Computer... more »

Ernest Manheim

Ernest Manheim was an US sociologist, anthropologist and composer born in Hungary, at that time... more »

Ernest Sosa

Ernest Sosa is an American philosopher primarily interested in epistemology. He is Board of... more »

Ernest Starling

Ernest Henry Starling was an English physiologist. He worked mainly at University College... more »

Ernesto Enkerlin

Ernesto Christian Enkerlin Hoeflich is a prominent Mexican conservationist, environmentalist and... more »

Ernesto Foldats

Dr. Ernesto Foldats Andins, was born in Latvia, as Ernests Foldāts. He later moved to Venezuela,... more »

Ernst Bernheim

Ernst Bernheim was a German historian, best known for an influential Lehrbuch der historischen... more »

Ernst Bessey

Ernst Athearn Bessey was an American mycologist, botanist and plant pathologist who served... more »

Ernst Boris Chain

Sir Ernst Boris Chain, FRS was a German-born British biochemist, and a 1945 co-recipient of the... more »

Ernst David Bergmann

Ernst David Bergmann was an Israeli nuclear scientist and chemist. He is often considered the... more »

Ernst Friedberger

Ernst Friedberger was a German immunologist and hygienist born in Giessen. In 1899 he received... more »

Ernst Friedrich Germar

Ernst Friedrich Germar was a German professor and director of the Mineralogical Museum at Halle... more »

Ernst Gaupp

Ernst Wilhelm Theodor Gaupp was a German anatomist from Beuthen in Upper Silesia. He studied... more »

Ernst Gottfried Baldinger

Ernst Gottfried Baldinger, German physician, was born in Großvargula near Erfurt. He studied... more »

Ernst Guillemin

Ernst Adolph Guillemin was an American electrical engineer and computer scientist at the... more »

Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel was a German biologist, naturalist, philosopher,... more »

Ernst Hairer

Ernst Hairer is a professor of mathematics at the University of Geneva known for his work in... more »

Ernst Heinrich Weber

Ernst Heinrich Weber was a German physician who is considered one of the founders of... more »

Ernst Herzfeld

Ernst Emil Herzfeld was a German archaeologist and Iranologist. more »

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