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Ernst Heymann

Ernst Heymann was a German jurist from Berlin. He activated at "Monumenta Germaniae Historica", etc. more »

Ernst J. Eichwald

Ernst J Eichwald was a pathologist known for his pioneering work in tissue transplantation and... more »

Ernst Kretschmer

Ernst Kretschmer, Dr. med. Dr. phil. h.c., was a German psychiatrist who researched the human... more »

Ernst Leberecht Wagner

Ernst Leberecht Wagner was a German pathologist who was a native of Dehlitz, a town in the... more »

Ernst Lohmeyer

Ernst Lohmeyer was a German scholar of the New Testament, evangelic theologian and Bible... more »

Ernst Ludwig Taschenberg

Ernst Ludwig Taschenberg was a German entomologist. more »

Ernst Ludwig Theodor Henke

Ernst Ludwig Theodor Henke, was a German theologian and historian, and the son of the theologian... more »

Ernst Platner

Ernst Platner was a German anthropologist, physician and philosopher born in Leipzig. He was... more »

Ernst Robert Curtius

Ernst Robert Curtius was a German literary scholar, philologist, and Romance language literary... more »

Ernst Schwarz

Ernst Schwarz was a German zoologist, mammalogist, and herpetologist. Schwarz was born in... more »

Ernst Siemerling

Ernst Siemerling was a German neurologist and psychiatrist born in Müssow near Greifswald. In... more »

Ernst Steinhoff

Ernst August Wilhelm Steinhoff was a rocket scientist and member of the "von Braun rocket... more »

Ernst Viktor von Leyden

Ernst Viktor von Leyden was a German internist from Danzig. Leyden studied medicine at the... more »

Ernst Weber

Ernst Weber, Austria-born American electrical engineer, was a pionier in microwave technologies... more »

Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg

Ernst Wilhelm Theodor Herrmann Hengstenberg, was a German Lutheran churchman and neo-Lutheran... more »

Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke

Ernst Wilhelm Ritter von Brücke was a German physician and physiologist. He is credited with... more »

Ernst Zinner

Ernst Zinner was a German astronomer and noted historian of astronomy. After studies in Munich... more »

Ernst Zitelmann

Ernst Zitelmann [tsi:tlman] was a German jurist. He studied Law at the Universities of Leipzig,... more »

Erwin Ding-Schuler

Erwin Oskar Ding-Schuler was a German surgeon and an officer in the Waffen-SS who attained the... more »

Erwin Friedlander

Erwin Max Friedlander was a noted American expert in high-energy nuclear physics at Lawrence... more »

Erwin Neher

Erwin Neher is a German biophysicist. more »

Erwin Oberländer

Erwin Oberländer is a German historian and expert on Eastern European history. more »

Erwin Raisz

Erwin Raisz was a Hungarian-born American cartographer, best known for his physiographic maps of... more »

Erwin Rohde

Erwin Rohde was one of the great German classical scholars of the 19th century. Rohde was born... more »

Erwin Saxl

Erwin Joseph Saxl was a physicist and inventor. He was born in Vienna in 1904 and received his... more »

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