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Eugene M. Chow

Eugene Chow is a researcher at PARC. Eugene's work has covered the areas of... more »

Eugene N. Kozloff

Eugene N. Kozloff is an American marine biologist and botanist at Shannon Point Marine Center on... more »

Eugene Odum

Eugene Pleasants Odum was an American biologist at the University of Georgia known for his... more »

Eugene Rabe

Eugene Karl Rabe was a German-American astronomer. He was born in Berlin, Germany, the son of... more »

Eugene van Tamelen

Eugene Earle van Tamelen was an organic chemist who contributed especially to bioorganic... more »

Eugene W. Hilgard

Eugene Woldemar Hilgard was a German-American expert on pedology. An authority on soil chemistry... more »

Eugenia Kalnay

Eugenia Kalnay is an Argentine meteorologist and a Distinguished University Professor of... more »

Eugenio Moggi

Eugenio Moggi is a professor of computer science at the University of Genoa, Italy. He first... more »

Eugenio Oñate Ibañez de Navarra

Eugenio Oñate Ibañez de Navarra, often referred as Eugenio Onãte, is a Spanish engineer who... more »

Eunseong Kim

Eunseong Kim is an experimental low temperature physicist. Along with his advisor Moses H. W... more »

Eva Hajičová

Eva Hajičová is a Czech linguist, specializing in topic–focus articulation and corpus... more »

Eva Jablonka

Eva Jablonka is a theorist and geneticist, known especially for her interest in epigenetic... more »

Eva Lundgren

Eva Lundgren is a Norwegian-born Swedish feminist scholar and sociologist, focusing on violence... more »

Evan E. Eichler

Evan E. Eichler, Ph.D. is an investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute studying human... more »

Evan Flatow

Evan Flatow, M.D., is an internationally recognized American orthopaedic surgeon and Professor... more »

Evan H. Caminker

Evan H. Caminker is a Dean Emeritus of the University of Michigan Law School. As Dean, he... more »

Evan Lyle Porteus

Evan Porteus’ research focuses on supply chain management, including incentive issues in supply... more »

Evan P. Thrush

Evan P. Thrush is a scientist at Bio-Rad Laboratories. He was a graduate student in Electrical... more »

Evan Rosenfeld

Evan Rosenfeld is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. more »

Eve Clark

Eve V Clark is the Richard Lyman Professor in the Humanities at Stanford University more »

Evelyn Hu

Evelyn L. Hu is Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Harvard... more »

Evelyn N. Wang

Evelyn N. Wang is Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. She was a graduate... more »

Evgeni Babsky

Evgeni Babsky was a Soviet physiologist, D.Sc., Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. more »

Evgenii Wulff

Evgenii Vladimirovich Wulff was an Crimean botanist and plant geographer. Wulff was born in... more »

Evgeniy Gabrilovich

Evgeniy Gabrilovich is a senior staff research scientist at Google, specializing in Information... more »

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