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Ellis L. Johnson

Ellis L. Johnson is the Professor Emeritus and the Coca-Cola Chaired Professor in the H. Milton... more »

Ellsworth Huntington

Ellsworth Huntington was a professor of geography at Yale University during the early 20th... more »

Elmer Belt

Elmer Belt was an American urologist, surgeon and pioneer in sex reassignment surgery. He was... more »

Elmer Driedger

Elmer A. Driedger, QC, BA, LL.B, LL.D was a Canadian lawyer and a leading authority on statutory... more »

Elmer G. Gilbert

Elmer G. Gilbert is an American aerospace engineer and a Professor Emeritus of Aerospace... more »

Elmer Kraemer

Elmer Otto Kraemer was an American chemist whose studies and published results materially aided... more »

Elmer L. Gaden

Elmer L. Gaden Jr. has been described as the “father of biochemical engineering." A graduate of... more »

Elmer S. Riggs

Elmer Samuel Riggs was an American paleontologist known for his work with the Field Museum of... more »

Eloise Gerry

Eloise Gerry was an influential research scientist whose early 20th century work contributed... more »

Elsa M. Garmire

Elsa M. Garmire is the Sydney E. Junkins Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College. She was... more »

Elsayed Elsayed Wagih

Elasayed Elsayed Wagih PhD, DIC, CIDTT is an Egyptian Professor of Virology and Biotechnology... more »

Elsie Maud Wakefield

Elsie Maud Wakefield was an English mycologist and plant pathologist. more »

Emer Jones

Emer Jones is an Irish student from Tralee, County Kerry. She was the winner of the 44th Young... more »

Emerik Blum

Emerik Blum was a Bosnian Jew businessman, philanthropist and the founder and first director of... more »

Emerson W Baker

Emerson 'Tad' Baker II, Ph.D. is a historical archaeologist and professor of history at Salem... more »

Emery Brown

Emery N. Brown, M.D., Ph.D. is the Warren M. Zapol Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical... more »

Emery Clarence Leonard

Emery Clarence Leonard was an American botanist known for his work on the Acanthaceae plant... more »

Emil Adolf von Behring

Emil Adolf von Behring was a German physiologist who received the 1901 Nobel Prize in Physiology... more »

Emil Baehrens

Paul Heinrich Emil Baehrens was a German classical scholar. After completing his studies he... more »

Emil du Bois-Reymond

Emil du Bois-Reymond was a German physician and physiologist, the discoverer of nerve action... more »

Emil Godlewski

Emil Godlewski was a Polish embryologist, professor of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków... more »

Émil Goeldi

Émil August Goeldi, was a Swiss-Brazilian naturalist and zoologist. He was the father of Oswaldo... more »

Emil Haury

Emil Walter "Doc" Haury was an influential archaeologist who specialized in the archaeology of... more »

Emil Kautzsch

Emil Friedrich Kautzsch was a German Hebrew scholar and biblical critic, born at Plauen, Saxony... more »

Emil Lask

Emil Lask was a German philosopher. A student of Rickert at Freiburg, he was a member of the... more »

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