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Friedrich von Duhn

Friedrich von Duhn was a German Classical scholar who taught at the University of Heidelberg,... more »

Friedrich von Huene

Friedrich von Huene was a German paleontologist who renamed more dinosaurs in the early 20th... more »

Friedrich Wetter

Friedrich Wetter is a German cardinal of the Catholic Church, the Archbishop Emeritus of Munich... more »

Friedrich Wilhelm Carl Umbreit

Friedrich Wilhelm Carl/Karl Umbreit was a German Protestant theologian and a Hebrew Bible... more »

Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard Gerhard

Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard Gerhard was a German archaeologist. He was co-founder and secretary of... more »

Friedrich Wilhelm Franz Nippold

Friedrich Wilhelm Franz Nippold was a German Protestant theologian born in Emmerich am Rhein. In... more »

Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl

Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl was a German scholar best known as a student of Plautus. more »

Frigyes Korányi

Baron Frigyes Korányi de Tolcsva was a Hungarian physician specializing in internal medicine,... more »

Fritiof S. Sjöstrand

Fritiof Stig Sjöstrand was a Swedish physician and histologist born in Stockholm. He started his... more »

Fritz Arnheim

Fritz Arnheim was a German historian, traveler, and lecturer. Arnheim was born in Berlin,... more »

Fritz Gassmann

Fritz Gassmann was a Swiss mathematician and geophysicist. Gassmann is the eponym for the... more »

Fritz Gesztesy

Friedrich „Fritz“ Gesztesy is a well-known Austrian-American mathematical physicist and... more »

Fritz Laves

Fritz Laves was a German chemist. more »

Fritz Müller

Johann Friedrich Theodor Müller, better known as Fritz Müller, and also as Müller-Desterro, was... more »

Fritz Noll

Fritz Noll was a German botanist born in Frankfurt am Main. He studied natural history and... more »

Fritz Schaudinn

Fritz Richard Schaudinn was a German zoologist Born in Röseningken, East Prussia, he... more »

Fritz ter Meer

Fritz ter Meer was a German chemist and Nazi war criminal. From 1925 to 1945 Fritz ter Meer was... more »

Fritz Zweigelt

Dr. Friedrich Zweigelt was an Austrian biologist and viticulturist who made hybrid crosses of... more »

Froilano de Mello

Froilano de Mello was a Portuguese microbiologist, medical scientist, professor, author and an... more »

Fu-Tai An

Fu-Tai An was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Fuming Wang

Fuming Wang is a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Fumio Hayashi

Fumio Hayashi is a Japanese economist. As of October 2009, he is a professor at Hitotsubashi... more »

Fushih Pan

Fushih Pan is a Taiwanese plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery... more »

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