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Félix d'Herelle

Félix d'Herelle was a French-Canadian microbiologist, the co-discoverer of bacteriophages and... more »

Félix Dujardin

Félix Dujardin was a French biologist born in Tours. He is remembered for his research of... more »

Felix Jacob Marchand

Felix Jacob Marchand was a German pathologist born in Halle an der Saale. He studied medicine in... more »

Felix Jacoby

Felix Jacoby was a German classicist and philologist. Jacoby was born into a Jewish family and... more »

Felix Maria von Exner-Ewarten

Felix Maria von Exner-Ewarten was an Austrian meteorologist and geophysicist. His son Christof... more »

Felix Milgrom

Felix Milgrom was a Polish immunologist known for the development of a simple test for syphilis... more »

Felix Ziegel

Felix Yurievich Ziegel was a Soviet researcher, Doctor of Science and docent of Cosmology at the... more »

Feng Chen

Feng Chen is Assistant Professor at Washington University at St Louis. Dr. Chen studied Hox... more »

Feng Lan

Feng Lan is a postdoctoral fellow in the Wu Lab at Stanford University. more »

Feng Xiao

Feng Xiao was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Feng Zhuge

Zhuge Feng was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Ferdinand Adolf Kehrer

Ferdinand Adolf Kehrer was a German gynecologist who was a native of Guntersblum in Rhenish... more »

Ferdinand Augustin Hallerstein

Ferdinand Augustin Haller von Hallerstein, Jesuit missionary in China and Chinese astronomer... more »

Ferdinand Berthoud

Ferdinand Berthoud was a Swiss chronometer-maker. more »

Ferdinand Freudenstein

Ferdinand Freudenstein is an American physicist and engineer who is considered to be the "Father... more »

Ferdinand Keller

Ferdinand Keller was a Swiss archaeologist. He is mainly known for his investigations of Swiss... more »

Ferdinand Peper

Ferdinand Peper is a theoretical computer scientist from The Netherlands who is working in a... more »

Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler

Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler was a surveyor who worked mostly in the United States and also in... more »

Ferguson Rodger

Thomas Ferguson Rodger CBE FRCP Glas FRCP Ed FRCPsych was a Scottish physician who was Professor... more »

Ferid Murad

Ferid Murad is an Albanian-American physician and pharmacologist, and a co-winner of the 1998... more »

Fernand Labrie

Fernand Labrie, OC OQ FRSC is a Canadian medical researcher who specializes in endocrinological... more »

Fernando Alvarez

Fernando Enrique Alvarez is an Argentine macroeconomist. He is also a professor of economics at... more »

Fernando Antonio Bermúdez Arias

Fernando Antonio Bermúdez Arias is one of Venezuela’s most prolific doctor, cardiologist,... more »

Fernando da Costa Novaes

Fernando da Costa Novaes was a Brazilian ornithologist who worked on the Amazonian bird fauna. more »

Fessenden Nott Otis

Fessenden Nott Otis was a pioneer in the medical field of urology. He studied art in New York... more »

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