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Filippo Pacini

Filippo Pacini was an Italian anatomist, posthumously famous for isolating the cholera bacillus... more »

Finn-Erik Vinje

Finn-Erik Vinje is a Norwegian philologist. He was a professor at the University of Trondheim... more »

Firdaus Dhabhar

Firdaus Dhabhar is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. more »

Florence Augusta Merriam Bailey

Florence Augusta Merriam Bailey was an American ornithologist and nature writer. She was born in... more »

Florentina Mosora

Florentina Ioana Mosora or Florentina Stan-Mosora was a Romanian and Belgian biophysicist. In... more »

Florestan Fernandes

Florestan Fernandes was a Brazilian sociologist and politician. He was also elected federal... more »

Forest Dewey Dodrill

Forest Dewey Dodrill was a doctor at Harper University Hospital at Wayne State University in... more »

Forest Ray Moulton

Forest Ray Moulton was an American astronomer. He was born in Le Roy, Michigan, and was educated... more »

Frances Densmore

Frances Theresa Densmore was an American ethnographer and ethnomusicologist, both being... more »

Frances McCall Rosenbluth

Frances McCall Rosenbluth is a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship winner for the Social Sciences. more »

Francesco Denza

Francesco Denza was an Italian meteorologist and astronomer. more »

Francesco Redi

Francesco Redi was an Italian physician, naturalist, and poet. He was the first scientist to... more »

Francesco Siacci

Francesco Siacci, an Italian mathematician, ballistician, and officer in the Italian army, was... more »

Francine Neago

Francine Neago is a primatologist and conservationist specializing in orangutans. She is best... more »

Francis B. Francois

Francis Bernard "Frank" Francois is an American engineer and lawyer who has received recognition... more »

Francis E. Low

Francis Eugene Low was an American theoretical physicist. He was an Institute Professor at MIT,... more »

Francis Graham-Smith

Sir Francis Graham-Smith is a British astronomer. He was the thirteenth Astronomer Royal from... more »

Francis Hemming

Arthur Francis Hemming was an English entomologist who specialised in Lepidoptera. He was mostly... more »

Francis Heylighen

Francis Paul Heylighen is a Belgian cyberneticist investigating the emergence and evolution of... more »

Francis J. Cole

Francis Joseph Cole F. R. S. was an English zoologist and a professor at Reading University for... more »

Francis James Gillen

Francis James Gillen was an early Australian anthropologist and ethnologist. Gillen was born at... more »

Francis Maitland Balfour

Francis Maitland Balfour, known as F. M. Balfour, was a British biologist. He lost his life... more »

Francis P. Filice

Francis Patrick Filice is an American priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Filice is... more »

Francis Peyton Rous

Peyton Rous, FRS was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1879 and received his B.A. and M.D. from... more »

Francis Sumner

Francis Cecil Sumner was a pivotal leader in education reform. He is primarily known for being... more »

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