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Frank Macfarlane Burnet

Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet, OM AK KBE FRS FAA FRSNZ, usually known as Macfarlane or Mac Burnet,... more »

Frank McCown

Frank McCown is Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Harding University. more »

Frank Moulaert

Frank Moulaert is Professor of Spatial Planning at the Department of Architecture, Urban Design... more »

Frank Newman Speller

Frank Newman Speller, Sr was a Canadian born American metallurgical engineer notable for his... more »

Frank Pasquill

Frank Pasquill FRS was an English meteorologist at the Meteorological Office who worked... more »

Frank Rattray Lillie

Frank Rattray Lillie was an American zoologist and an early pioneer of the study of embryology... more »

Frank Ruskey

Frank Ruskey is a combinatorialist and computer scientist, and professor at the University of... more »

Frank Shaughnessy

Francis Joseph "Shag" Shaughnessy was an American athlete and sports executive. Shaughnessy... more »

Frank T. Denton

Frank Trevor Denton is a Canadian economist. He is Professor Emeritus in the Department of... more »

Frank Vale

Frank Walter Blake Vale was best known as a pioneer of the Australian cold storage industry and... more »

Frank van Ham

Frank van Ham is a researcher with IBM. He was a graduate student at Technische Universiteit... more »

Franklin C. Crow

Franklin C. Crow or Frank Crow is a computer scientist who has made important contributions to... more »

Franklin M. Fisher

Franklin Marvin Fisher is an American economist. He has taught economics at the Massachusetts... more »

Franklin M. Loew

Franklin Martin Loew, DVM, PhD, was president of Becker College, dean of the College of... more »

Franklin M. Orr, Jr.

Franklin M. ("Lynn") Orr, Jr. became the director of the Precourt Institute for Energy at... more »

Frans Hubert Edouard Arthur Walter Robyns

Frans Hubert Edouard Arthur Walter Robyns, known as Walter Robyns, was a Belgian botanist. After... more »

Frans Stafleu

Frans Antonie Stafleu was a Dutch systematic botanist, former Chair of the Institute of... more »

František Kotlaba

František Kotlaba is a Czech botanist and mycologist. more »

Franz Altheìm

Franz Altheim was a German historian, best known for his trip with Erika Trautmann funded by the... more »

Franz Anton Voegeli

Franz Anton Voegeli was a Swiss Chemist who was the first to synthesize the triethyl phosphate... more »

Franz Bopp

Franz Bopp was a German linguist known for extensive comparative work on Indo-European languages. more »

Franz Bücheler

Franz Bücheler was a German classical scholar, was born in Rheinberg, and educated at Bonn,... more »

Franz Cumont

Franz-Valéry-Marie Cumont was a Belgian archaeologist and historian, a philologist and student... more »

Franz Delitzsch

Franz Delitzsch was a German Lutheran theologian and Hebraist. Born in Leipzig, he held the... more »

Franz Dittrich

Franz Dittrich was an Austrian pathologist born in Nixdorf, Bohemia. He studied medicine at the... more »

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