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Franz Eilhard Schulze

Franz Eilhard Schulze was a German anatomist and zoologist born in Eldena, near Greifswald. more »

Franz Grashof

Franz Grashof was a German engineer. He was a professor of Applied Mechanics at the Technische... more »

Franz Hein

Franz Hein was a German scientist. more »

Franz Hermann Reinhold von Frank

Franz Hermann Reinhold von Frank was a German theologian born in Altenburg. He was an important... more »

Franz Hillenkamp

Franz Hillenkamp was a German scientist known for his development of the laser microprobe mass... more »

Franz Josef Kallmann

Franz Josef Kallmann, MD, a German-born American psychiatrist, was one of the pioneers in the... more »

Franz Joseph Gall

Franz Josef Gall was a neuroanatomist, physiologist, and pioneer in the study of the... more »

Franz Kiwisch von Rotterau

Franz Kiwisch von Rotterau was Professor of Obstetrics at the University of Würzburg and later... more »

Franz Ludwig Fick

Franz Ludwick Fick was a professor of anatomy at the University of Marburg. more »

Franz Martin Hilgendorf

Franz Martin Hilgendorf was a German zoologist and paleontologist. Hilgendorf's research on... more »

Franz Nissl

Franz Nissl was a German medical researcher. He was a noted neuropathologist. more »

Franz Overbeck

Franz Camille Overbeck was a German Protestant theologian. In Anglo-American discourse, he is... more »

Franz Penzoldt

Franz Penzoldt was a German internist and pharmacologist born in Crispendorf, Thuringia. He was... more »

Franz Riegel

Franz Riegel was a German internist and gastroenterologist who was a native of Brückenau. He... more »

Franz Samuel Karpe

Franz Samuel Karpe, Slovene: Franc Samuel Karpe, Czech: František Samuel Karpe was a Slovenian... more »

Franz Schweigger-Seidel

Franz Schweigger-Seidel was a German physiologist born in Halle an der Saale. He was the son of... more »

Franz Skutsch

Franz Skutsch was a German classical philologist and linguist born in Neisse. He was the father... more »

Franz Studniczka

Franz Studniczka was a German professor of classical archaeology born in Jasło, Galicia. He... more »

Franz Susemihl

Franz Susemihl was a German classical philologist born in Laage. He studied ancient languages in... more »

Franz W. Seidler

Franz Wilhelm Seidler is a German historian, author and expert on German military history. He is... more »

Franz Weidenreich

Franz Weidenreich was a Jewish German anatomist and physical anthropologist who studied evolution. more »

Franz Wilhelm Schweigger-Seidel

Franz Wilhelm Schweigger-Seidel; born as Franz Wilhelm Seidel was a German physician and chemist... more »

Franz Xaver Rudolf von Höhnel

Franz Xaver Rudolf von Höhnel was an Austrian bryologist, mycologist, and algologist, brother of... more »

Franz Xaver Schmid

Franz Xaver Schmid; name sometimes given as Franz Xaver Schmid-Schwarzenberg was an... more »

Fraser Cameron

Fraser Cameron was a graduate student in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University. more »

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