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Kenneth Elloway

Captain Kenneth Albert Elloway, ARCM, was a British teacher, trombonist, double-bassist,... more »

Kenneth Franklin

Kenneth Linn Franklin was an American astronomer and educator. Franklin was the chief scientist... more »

Kenneth Hadlock

Ken Hadlock is a Biotechnology Professional. more »

Kenneth Hare

Fredrick Kenneth Hare, CC OOnt FRSC was a Canadian climatologist and academic, who researched... more »

Kenneth Heilman

Kenneth M. Heilman is an American behavioral neurologist. more »

Kenneth J. Singleton

Kenneth Jan "Ken" Singleton is an American economist. He is a leading figure in empirical... more »

Kenneth Koedinger

Kenneth R. Koedinger is a professor of human-computer interaction and psychology at Carnegie... more »

Kenneth L. Williams

Kenneth Lee Williams is a herpetologist and author of books on the subject of snake biology and... more »

Kenneth M. Baird

Kenneth MacClure Baird, BSc., Ph.D., is a physicist, metrologist and inventor, born of Canadian... more »

Kenneth McNaught

Kenneth William McNaught, OC was a Canadian historian. He is known for his 1959 biography of... more »

Kenneth Norrie

Kenneth Harold Norrie is a Canadian economic historian specializing in the economy of Western... more »

Kenneth Oakley

Kenneth Page Oakley was an English physical anthropologist, palaeontologist and... more »

Kenneth Ross MacKenzie

Kenneth Ross MacKenzie together with Dale R. Corson and Emilio Segrè, synthesized the element... more »

Kenneth Ruud

Kenneth Ruud is a Norwegian chemist. He is a professor of chemistry at the University of Tromsø... more »

Kenneth S. Brown

Kenneth Stephen Brown is a professor of mathematics at Cornell University, working in category... more »

Kenneth S. Suslick

Kenneth S. Suslick is the Marvin T. Schmidt Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Materials... more »

Kenneth Walton

Major Kenneth Walter William Henry Walton FRCP was a leading British experimental pathologist... more »

Kenney Krysko

Dr. Kenneth L. Krysko is a well known Florida herpetologist. He was educated at Florida State... more »

Kensall D. Wise

Kensall D. Wise is professor of electrical engineering at University of Michigan. more »

Kent Smetters

Kent Smetters is an academic, entrepreneur, and former government official. more »

Kent V. Flannery

Kent Vaughn Flannery is a North American archaeologist who has conducted and published extensive... more »

Kerri E. Rieger

Kerri E. Rieger was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Kevin D. Hoover

Kevin D. Hoover is Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Duke University. He is most noted... more »

Kevin Karplus

Kevin Karplus is a professor at University of California, Santa Cruz, currently in the... more »

Kevin King

Kevin King was a visiting scholar in the Covert Lab at Stanford University. more »

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