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Leo Weisgerber

Johann Leo Weisgerber was a Lorraine-born German linguist who also specialized in Celtic... more »

Leo Yaffe

Leo Yaffe, OC FRSC was a Canadian nuclear chemistry scientist and a proponent of the peaceful... more »

Leon Mirsky

Leonid Mirsky was a Russian-British mathematician who worked in number theory, linear algebra,... more »

Leon O. Chua

Leon Ong Chua is an IEEE Fellow and a professor in the electrical engineering and computer... more »

Leonard Erickson

Leonard C. Erickson was the Robert Wallace Miller Professor of Oncology at the Department of... more »

Leonard Erskine Hill

Sir Leonard Erskine Hill FRS was a British physiologist. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal... more »

Leonard Goodwin

Leonard George Goodwin CMG FRS was a British protozoologist noted for his work on testing the... more »

Leonard Herzenberg

Leonard Arthur "Len" Herzenberg was an immunologist, geneticist and professor at Stanford... more »

Leonard Klevan

Leonard Klevan is a businessman and scientist in the field of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. As... more »

Leonard L. Northrup Jr.

Leonard "Lynn" L. Northrup Jr. is a pioneer of the commercialization of solar thermal energy in... more »

Leonard Landois

Leonard Landois was a German physiologist born in Münster. He studied medicine at the University... more »

Leonard Rotherham

Leonard "Larry" Rotherham CBE FRS was a British metallurgist and vice chancellor of the... more »

Leonard Seabrooke

Leonard Seabrooke is a Copenhagen Business School Professor in International Political Economy... more »

Leonard T. Troland

Leonard Thompson Troland was an American physicist. He graduated in 1912 from the Massachusetts... more »

Leonard Waverman

Dr. Leonard Waverman is dean of the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. He was... more »

Leonard Woolley

Sir Leonard Woolley was a British archaeologist best known for his excavations at Ur in... more »

Leonhard Koeppe

Leonhard Koeppe was a German ophthalmologist born in Torgau, Saxony. He studied medicine in... more »

Leonhard Thurneysser

Leonard Thurneysser was a scholar and miracle doctor at the court of Elector John George of... more »

Leonid A. Umansky

Leonid Alexandrovich Umansky was an American electrical engineer and a recipient of the IEEE... more »

Leonid Brekhovskikh

Leonid Maksimovich Brekhovskikh was a Russian/Soviet scientist known for his work in acoustical... more »

Leonid Grinin

Leonid Efimovich Grinin is a Russian philosopher of history, sociologist, political... more »

Leonid Kulik

Leonid Alekseyevich Kulik was a Russian mineralogist who is noted for his research into... more »

Leonid Ramzin

Leonid Konstantinovich Ramzin was a Soviet thermal engineer, and the inventor of a type of... more »

Leopold Auerbach

Leopold Auerbach was a German anatomist and neuropathologist born in Breslau. Auerbach studied... more »

Léopold de Folin

Léopold de Folin was an author, oceanographer, malacologist and early founder of the collections... more »

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