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Li Fang-Kuei

Li Fang-Kuei, also known as F.K. Li, was a Chinese linguist, sinologist, and professor of... more »

Li Fanwen

Li Fanwen is a Chinese linguist and Tangutologist. more »

Li Rui

Li Rui was a Chinese mathematician. Li discovered independently an equivalent version of what is... more »

Li Shu-hua

Li Shu-hua was a Chinese physical scientist from Peking University and educator came from... more »

Li Siguang

Li Siguang, born Li Zhongkui, courtesy name Zhongkui, is the founder of China's geomechanics... more »

Li Zhensheng

Li Zhensheng is a Chinese geneticist. He mainly focuses on genetics of wheat. He is also an... more »

Liam McCarthy and John D. O'Callaghan

Liam McCarthy and John D. O'Callaghan are Irish students from Kinsale, County Cork. They were... more »

Liaqat Ali Khan

Liaqat Ali Khan or L.A. Khan is a Pakistani mathematician and academic who has carried out... more »

Libbie Hyman

Libbie Henrietta Hyman, was an American zoologist. more »

Lidia Rudnicka

Professor Lidia Rudnicka, MD, PhD is a Polish-American researcher and dermatologist with... more »

Lila Abu-Lughod

Lila Abu-Lughod is an American with Palestinian and Jewish ancestry who is professor of... more »

Liliana Rojas-Suarez

Liliana Rojas-Suarez is a Peruvian-born economist, specializing in financial regulatory policy... more »

Lillian Robinson

Lillian Sara Robinson was a Marxist feminist activist, writer, and theorist. She was the... more »

Linda B. Buck

Linda Brown Buck is an American biologist best known for her work on the olfactory system. She... more »

Linda Hess

Linda Hess is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford University. more »

Linda Hsieh-Wilson

Linda Carol Hsieh-Wilson is an American chemist. She is known for her work in chemical... more »

Linda Skitka

Linda J. Skitka is a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Skitka's... more »

Lindahl tax

A Lindahl tax is a form of taxation in which individuals pay for the provision of a public good... more »

Lindsay J. Whaley

Lindsay J. Whaley is a professor of linguistics and classics at Dartmouth College and currently... more »

Ling Li

Ling Li was a Graduate Student in Biological Sciences at Stanford University, and is now a... more »

Linus Park

Linus Park was a researcher and instructor at Stanford University. more »

Lionel Cooper

Jacob Lionel Bakst Cooper was a South African mathematician who worked in operator theory,... more »

Lionel Crawford

Lionel Vivian Crawford FRS FRSE is a British cancer expert and virologist. He was educated at... more »

Lionel Logue

Lionel George Logue, CVO was an Australian speech and language therapist and stage actor who... more »

Lionel W. McKenzie

Lionel Wilfred McKenzie was the Wilson Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of... more »

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