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Lucien Laubier

Lucien Laubier was a French oceanographer. He began his scientific career at the Arago... more »

Lucien Marcus Underwood

Lucien Marcus Underwood was an American botanist and mycologist of the 19th and early 20th... more »

Lucien Rouzet

Lucien Rouzet was a French physicist and inventor, who, in 1912, created a wireless telegraph... more »

Lucjan Malinowski

Lucjan Feliks Malinowski - Polish linguist, scientist a regional dialects of Silesia, traveller,... more »


Lucky225, a.k.a. Jered Morgan, is a Southern California phone phreak and white hat security... more »

Lucy Cranwell

Lucy May Cranwell was a New Zealand botanist responsible for groundbreaking work in palynology... more »

Ludolf von Krehl

Albrecht Ludolf von Krehl was a German internist and physiologist who was a native of Leipzig... more »

Ludvig Hektoen

Ludvig Hektoen was a noted American pathologist. Hektoen published widely and served as editor... more »

Ludwig Binswanger

Ludwig Binswanger was a Swiss psychiatrist and pioneer in the field of existential psychology... more »

Ludwig Bruns

Ludwig Bruns was a German neurologist who was a native of Hanover. He studied medicine in... more »

Ludwig Carl Christian Koch

Ludwig Carl Christian Koch was a German entomologist and arachnologist. He was born in... more »

Ludwig Curtius

Ludwig Curtius was a German archaeologist born in Augsburg. He is remembered for his... more »

Ludwig Diestel

Ludwig Diestel was a German Protestant theologian born in Königsberg. He studied at several... more »

Ludwig Edinger

Ludwig Edinger was an influential German anatomist and neurologist and co-founder of the... more »

Ludwig Franz Alexander Winther

Ludwig Franz Alexander Winther was a German pathologist and ophthalmologist who was a native of... more »

Ludwig Friedrich Otto Baumgarten-Crusius

Ludwig Friedrich Otto Baumgarten-Crusius, was a German Protestant theologian and divine born in... more »

Ludwig Georg Courvoisier

Ludwig Georg Courvoisier was a surgeon from Basel, Switzerland. He was one of the first doctors... more »

Ludwig Haberlandt

Ludwig Haberlandt is known as a father of hormonal contraception. In 1921 he carried out... more »

Ludwig Knorr

Ludwig Knorr was a German chemist. Together with Carl Paal, he discovered the Paal-Knorr... more »

Ludwig Radermacher

Ludwig Radermacher was a German-Austrian classical philologist born in Siegburg. In 1891 he... more »

Ludwig Riess

Ludwig Riess was a German-born historian and educator, noted for his work in late 19th century... more »

Ludwig von Bertalanffy

Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy was an Austrian-born biologist known as one of the founders of... more »

Ludwig von Sybel

Ludwig von Sybel was a German archaeologist. more »

Ludwig von Urlichs

Karl Ludwig von Urlichs was a German philologist and archaeologist born in Osnabrück. He was the... more »

Ludwig Wilhelmy

Ludwig Ferdinand Wilhelmy was a German scientist who is usually credited with publishing the... more »

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