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Tomasz Imielinski

Tomasz Imieliński is a Polish-American computer scientist. He is currently professor at Rutgers... more »

Tomislav Sunić

Tomislav Sunić is a Croatian-American writer, translator and a former professor. He is best... more »

Tommaso Boggio

Tommaso Boggio was an Italian mathematician. Boggio worked in mathematical physics, differential... more »

Tommaso Campailla

Tommaso Campailla was an Italian philosopher and poet. He was born in Modica in 1668 from an... more »

Toni Lüdi

Toni Lüdi is a production designer, film art director and a university professor. more »

Toni Wolff

Antonia Anna "Toni" Wolff was a Swiss Jungian analyst and a close associate of Carl Jung. During... more »

Tony J. Pitcher

Tony J Pitcher is a fisheries scientist, well known for his work on the impacts of fishing, the... more »

Tony Laubach

Tony Laubach is an American professional storm chaser and Meteorologist. He has participated in... more »

Tony O'Donnell

Tony O'Donnell, N.D. is an Irish naturopath certified in neurolinguistic programming. He is also... more »

Torbjörn Caspersson

Professor Torbjörn Oskar Caspersson was a Swedish cytologist and geneticist. He was born in... more »

Tore Pryser

Tore Pryser is a Norwegian historian, who has served as professor at the Lillehammer University... more »

Torsten Hägerstrand

Torsten Hägerstrand was a Swedish geographer. He is known for his work on migration, cultural... more »

Torsten Wiesel

Torsten Nils Wiesel is a Swedish neurophysiologist. Together with David H. Hubel, he received... more »

Torsten Zuberbier

Torsten Zuberbier is a German dermatologist and allergologist. more »

Toshikazu Ikuta

生田 敏一はアメリカ合衆国の神経科学者、分子認知神経学者。 more »

Toshio Hirano

Toshio Hirano is a Japanese immunologist and academic, best known for his discovery of... more »

Tran Van Tho

Trần Văn Thọ is a Vietnamese former economic advisor to the Japanese government, head of a major... more »

Trevor J. Barnes

Trevor John Barnes is a British geographer and Professor of Economic geography at the University... more »

Trevor Marshall

Trevor G. Marshall, PhD, né en 1948 à Adélaïde, est chercheur en biomédecine. Il est à l’origine... more »

Trey Ideker

Trey Ideker is the Chief of Genetics at University of California San Diego and studies genomics... more »

Truman Bewley

Truman Fassett Bewley is an American economist. He is the Alfred Cowles Professor of Economics... more »

Trygve Braarud

Trygve Braarud was a Norwegian botanist. He specialized in marine biology, and was affiliated... more »

Ts'ao Yung-ho

Ts'ao Yung-ho is a Taiwanese historian known for his work on the early history of Taiwan. An... more »

Tsachy Weissman

Tsachy Weissman is Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. more »

Tsiang Tingfu

Tsiang Tingfu was a historian and diplomat of the Republic of China. Tsiang was born in Shaoyang... more »

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