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Madeline Hochhauser

Madeline Hochhauser was an accountant, a buyer and the mother of actor Peter Falk. more »

Majahamahle Ndlovu

Born Majahamahle Ndlovu in Kezi district of Matopo Matabeleland South province of Zimba... more »

Malik Abongo Obama

Malik Abongo Obama is the half-brother of Barack Obama. more »

Margaret Mwanakatwe

Margaret Mwanakatwe, is a Zambian businesswoman, accountant, and bank executive. She is the... more »

Margie Levers

Margie Levers is a film crewmember. more »

Margot Wallström

Margot Elisabeth Wallström is a Swedish social democratic politician and diplomat, who formerly... more »

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin, was a Métis Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Attorney... more »

Mario Jose Bergoglio

Mario Jose Bergoglio was an accountant and the father of Pope Francis. more »

Mark Claflin

Mark Claflin is a finance officer. more »

Marta Andreasen

Marta Andreasen is an Argentine-born Spanish accountant, employed in January 2002 by the... more »

Marta Radwańska

Marta Radwańska is the mother of Agnieszka and Urszula Radwańska. more »

Martín Echevarría Elizondo

Martín Echevarría Elizondo is a notary public and accountant and the father of Héctor Elizondo. more »

Martin McAleese

Martin McAleese is a former member of Seanad Éireann and the husband of the former President of... more »

Marvin Cheung

Marvin Cheung Kin-tung, GBS, OBE, JP was a Non-official Member of the Executive Council of Hong... more »

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor is the 65th and current Lieutenant Governor of Ohio. more »

Marycatherine Kusch

Marycatherine Kusch is a Chartered Accountant. more »

Maureen Newman

Maureen Newman is the wife of John Comfort. more »

Maurice Stans

Maurice Hubert Stans was an American accountant, high-ranking civil servant, Cabinet member, and... more »

Merrill Edwin Barrington

Merrill Edwin Barrington was a Canadian politician, accountant and insurance broker. He was... more »

Michael Cameron

Michael Cameron is the husband of Beverley Mitchell. more »

Michael DeVito

Michael "The Scholar" DeVito is a competitive eater and hot dog eating champion, and three-time... more »

Michael Donner

Michael Donner is a film crewmember. more »

Michael Moore

Michael Kevin Moore is a British Liberal Democrat politician and the Member of Parliament for... more »

Michael Schroeder

Michael Schroeder is an actor. more »

Migdalia Etheridge

Migdalia Etheridge is a film producer, film director, actress and accountant. more »

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