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Bachi Lezhava

Bachi Lezhava is a film actor. more »

Bachir Bensaddek

Bachir Bensaddek is a Canadian television director of Algerian Berber descent, best known for... more »

Bachir Ouakine

Bachir Ouakine is an actor. more »

Bachir Touré

Bachir Touré was an actor. more »

Bachman Carpenter

Bachman Carpenter is an actor. more »

Bad Azz

Jamarr Antonio Stamps, better known by the stage name Bad Azz, is an American rapper and member... more »


Bada is a South Korean singer and musical actress. Her birth name is Choi Sung-hee. Bada studied... more »

Badal Das

Badal Das is a film actor. more »

Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil, also known as Baddo Apa, is a Pakistani television actress. She gained popularity... more »

Badar Munir

Badar Munir was a Pashtun, legend film star and director. Originally from Madyan in the princely... more »

Badar Shahid

Badar Shahid is an actor. more »


Manlio Hedair Badaró was a Portuguese actor and comedian. Born in Brazil, Badaró moved to... more »

Badasar Colbiyik

Badasar Colbiyik is an actor. more »

Badd Catt

Badd Catt is an actor. more »

Bade İşcil

Bade Iscil is an actress. more »


Badema is an actress and film score composer. more »

Bader Alami

Bader Alami is a film actor. more »

Bader Howar

Bader Howar is an actress. more »

Badger Wagstaffe

Badger Wagstaffe is an actor. more »

Badi Uzzaman

Mohammed Badi Uzzaman Azmi, better known as Badi Uzzaman and also known as BadiUzzaman, was a... more »

Badia Masabni

'Badia Masabni, was an actress and belly dancer of Lebanese and Syrian origin, best known for... more »

Badia Senhaji

Badia Senhaji is an actress. more »

Badih Abou Chakra

Badih Abou Chakra is an actor. more »

Badja Djola

Badja Medu Djola was an American actor. D’jola appeared in 47 films and TV shows during his... more »

Badra Alou Sissoko

Badra Alou Sissoko is an actor. more »

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