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Lee Min-woo, mononymously credited as M as a solo artist, was born on 28 July 1979. He is a... more »

M'Barek Belkouk

M'Barek Belkouk is an actor. more »

M'Barka Jrad

M'Barka Jrad is an actor. more »


M'bembo is an actor. more »

M'fundo Morrison

M'fundo Morrison is an American actor. He portrayed Quartermaine family member Justus Ward on... more »

M'Hamed Ali Grandi

M'Hamed Ali Grandi is an actor. more »

M'laah Kaur Singh

M'laah Kaur Singh is an actress. more »

M'liss McClure

M'liss McClure is an actress. more »

M-Dogg 20

Matthew "Matt" Capiccioni is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring names... more »

M. A. Numminen

Mauri Antero Numminen is a Finnish artist, who has worked in several different fields of music... more »

M. Abaishvili

M. Abaishvili is an actor. more »

M. Aboed

M. Aboed is an actor. more »

M. Amin

M. Amin was an actor and film director. more »

M. Andre Seebaran

M. Andre Seebaran is an actor. more »

M. Ángeles Nicieza

M. Ángeles Nicieza is an actress. more »

M. Arrisagna

M. Arrisagna is an actor. more »

M. B. Sreenivasan

M. B. Sreenivasan, or MBS, as he was popularly called, was a famous South Indian music director... more »

M. Belousov

M. Belousov is an actor. more »

M. Blash

M. Blash is a director, writer and actor. more »

M. C. Gainey

Michael Connor "Mike" Gainey, better known as M. C. Gainey, is an American film and television... more »

M. Catherine Holseybrook

M. Catherine Holseybrook is an actress. more »

M. Christian Jacobs

M. Christian Jacobs is an actor. more »

M. D'Acuña

M. D'Acuña is an actor. more »

M. D. Pallavi Arun

M. D Pallavi, also known as Pallavi Arun, is a singer from Karnataka, India. She is a Kannada... more »

M. Devon Dunlap

M. Devon Dunlap is an actor. more »

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