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Barnes Wallis

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, CBE FRS, RDI, FRAeS, was an English scientist, engineer and inventor... more »

Beatrice Shilling

Beatrice Shilling OBE PhD MSc CEng was an aeronautical engineer who was responsible for... more »

Béla Magyari

Béla Magyari was Colonel of the Hungarian Air Force. He graduated from the Hungarian Airforce... more »

Bernard Ziegler

Bernard Ziegler is the former Airbus senior vice president for engineering. He is well known for... more »

Bob Bemer

Robert William Bemer was a computer scientist best known for his work at IBM during the late... more »

Boris Chertok

Boris Evseyevich Chertok was a prominent Soviet and Russian rocket designer, responsible for... more »

Boris Lisunov

Boris Pavlovich Lisunov was a Soviet aerospace engineer. more »

Bronisław Żurakowski

Bronisław Żurakowski was a Polish engineer, aeroplane constructor, and glider test pilot. Before... more »

Bryan Lunney

Bryan Lunney is formerly a NASA flight director. more »

Bud Sabatino

Bud Sabatino is a film actor. more »

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