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Jakob Ackeret

Jakob Ackeret, FRAeS was a Swiss aeronautical engineer. He is widely viewed as one of the... more »

James C. Floyd

James Charles Floyd is a Canadian aerospace engineer, born in Manchester, England. Floyd was the... more »

James DeLaurier

James D. DeLaurier is an inventor and professor emeritus of the University of Toronto Institute... more »

James Henry Deese

James Henry Deese was a NASA manager. more »

James R. French

James R. French is a prominent U.S. aerospace engineer. While working for different NASA... more »

James Smith McDonnell

James Smith "Mac" McDonnell was an American aviator, engineer, and businessman. He was an... more »

Jan Roskam

Jan Roskam is the emeritus Deane E. Ackers Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering at... more »

Jay Greene

Jay H. Greene is a retired NASA engineer. He worked as a FIDO flight controller during the... more »

Jean Délémontez

Jean Délémontez is a French aircraft designer. He was born in Lyon. He is best known for his... more »

Jerome Clarke Hunsaker

Jerome Clarke Hunsaker was an American airman born in Creston, Iowa, and educated at the Naval... more »

Jerome F. Lederer

Jerome F. Lederer was an American aviation-safety pioneer, known as "Mr. Aviation Safety." He... more »

Jerzy Dąbrowski

Jerzy Dąbrowski was a Polish aeronautical engineer. He was the lead designer of the famed PZL.37... more »

Jerzy Rudlicki

Rudlicki Jerzy was a Polish aerospace engineer who invented and in 1930 patented the V-tail... more »

John Argyris

John Hadji Argyris FRS was a pioneer of computer applications in science and engineering, among... more »

John Charles Larson

John Charles Larson is an aerospace engineer. more »

John Cyril Porte

Colonel John Cyril Porte CMG, FRAeS, Royal Navy was a flying boat pioneer associated with the... more »

John Hodge

John Dennis Hodge is a British-born aerospace engineer. He worked for the CF-105 Avro Arrow jet... more »

John Houbolt

John Cornelius Houbolt was an aerospace engineer credited with leading the team behind the lunar... more »

John Scott-Scott

Extensive experience in gas turbines, rockets and marine engineering. Chief Hydrodynamics... more »

John Stamper

John Trevor Stamper was a British aeronautical engineer who was Corporate Technical Director of... more »

John Thorp

John Willard Thorp was an aeronautical engineer who made significant contributions to aircraft... more »

John William Dunne

John William Dunne FRAeS was an Irish aeronautical engineer and author. As a pioneering... more »

Jordin Kare

Jordin T. Kare is a physicist and aerospace engineer known for his research on laser propulsion... more »

Joseph Benjamin

Joseph Benjamin was a musician and aerospace engineer. more »

Joseph Gross

Joseph Gross is an aerospace engineer and the father of Arye Gross. more »

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