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Vaino Jack Vehko

Vaino Jack Vehko, was the son of James Vehko of Kolho, Finland. He spent his entire career with... more »

Victor Litvinov

Victor Yakovlevich Litvinov was a Soviet Russian aircraft designer and organizer of the aircraft... more »

Vladimir Barmin

Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin was the Soviet scientist, designer of the rocket launch complexes. An... more »

Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishchev

Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishchev was a Soviet aircraft designer, Major General of Engineering,... more »

Vladimir Petlyakov

Vladimir Mikhailovich Petlyakov was a Soviet aeronautical engineer. Petlyakov was born in Sambek... more »

Vladimir Syromyatnikov

Vladimir Sergeevich Syromyatnikov was a Soviet and Russian space scientist best known for... more »

Vladimir Vakhmistrov

Vladimir Sergeyevich Vakhmistrov was a Soviet aviation engineer. He is most famous for creating... more »

Vladimir Vetchinkin

Vladimir Petrovich Vetchinkin was a Soviet scientist in the field of aerodynamics, aeronautics,... more »

Vladimir Yermolaev

Vladimir Grigoryevich Yermolaev, 1909–1944, was a Soviet aircraft designer, general-major of the... more »

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