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Walt Jean

Walter LeJeune Jean was a professional football player from Chillicothe, Ohio. Jean was born and... more »

Walt Kiesling

Walter Andrew Kiesling was an American football player and coach. more »

Walt Kowalczyk

Walter Joseph Kowalczyk is a former American football defensive back and fullback in the... more »

Walt Michaels

Walt Michaels is a former professional football player and coach who is best remembered for his... more »

Walt Patulski

Walter George Patulski is a former American football defensive end at the University of Notre... more »

Walt Rock

Walter Warfield Rock is a former American football offensive lineman in the National Football... more »

Walt Schlinkman

Walter Gaye Schlinkman is a former fullback in the NFL who played 46 games for the Green Bay... more »

Walt Stickel

Walt Stickel was a professional American football player who played offensive lineman for six... more »

Walt Sumner

Walter Herman Sumner is a former American football player who was selected by the Cleveland... more »

Walt Sweeney

Walter Francis Sweeney was an American football offensive lineman and end, who played college... more »

Walt Yowarsky

Walter Robert Yowarsky is a former American football defensive end and offensive... more »

Walter Abercrombie

Walter Augustus Abercrombie is a former professional American football running back and kick... more »

Walter Achiu

Walter Tin Kit Achiu was an American football player. He was a graduate of Saint Louis College... more »

Walter Barnes

Walter Lee Barnes born January 26, 1918 in Parkersburg, West Virginia died January 6, 1998 in... more »

Walter Bernard

Walter Bernard is a former American college and professional football player who was a defensive... more »

Walter Curry

Walter Morrell Curry, Jr. is a gridiron football defensive tackle currently a free agent. He... more »

Walter Driskill

Walter Scott Driskill was a professional football coach for the Baltimore Colts of the... more »

Walter F. Kelly

Walter Frederic "Mike" Kelly was an American football player, coach of football, basketball, and... more »

Walter Gilbert

Walter Gilbert was a college football player from Fairfield, Alabama. more »

Walter Highsmith

Walter "Buzz" Highsmith is a former American football player and coach. Highsmith played on the... more »

Walter Holman

Walter Ree Holman is a former American football running back in the National Football League for... more »

Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson was an American football defensive tackle who was drafted in the second round of... more »

Walter Jones

Walter Jones, Jr. is a former American football offensive tackle who played in the National... more »

Walter Koppisch

Walter Frederic "Wally" Koppisch was an American football halfback in the National Football... more »

Walter McFadden

Walter McFadden, Jr. is an American football cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the... more »