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Alla Surikova

Alla Churikova is an animator and a film director. more »

Allan Sieber

Allan Sieber is an animator, screenwriter and a film director. more »

Allen Helbig

Allen Helbig is a contemporary American artist, graphic designer, illustrator, animator,... more »

Alvaro Villagomez

Alvaro Villagomez is an animator. more »

Alyson Hamilton

Alyson Hamilton is a film and television animator. more »

Amanda Forbis

Amanda Forbis is an animator, film director and screenwriter. more »

Amby Paliwoda

Ambrozi "Amby" Paliwoda was an American animator. Paliwoda graduated with honors from the... more »

Ami Tomobuki

Ami Tomobuki is an animator and film director. more »

Amy Winfrey

Amy Winfrey is an American animator, screenwriter, songwriter, and voice actress. She is best... more »

Ana Linnea Lidegran Correia

Ana Linnea Lidegran Correia is a film director and an animator. more »

Anaëlle Moreau

Anaëlle Moreau is a film director and animator. more »

Anat Costi

Anat Costi is an animator, screenwriter, film editor and director. more »

Ander Mendia

Ander Mendia is a film director, editor, producer, art director and screenwriter. more »

Anders Sørensen

Anders Sørensen is an animator, film director, screenwriter and film editor. more »

Andreas Deja

Andreas Deja is a Polish-born German-American character animator, most noted for his work at... more »

Andreas Hykade

Andreas Hykade is an animation director from Germany. Before studying at the Academy of Fine... more »

Andrei Duarte

Andrei Duarte is an animator. more »

Andrei Svislotski

Andrei Svislotski is a television director and animator. more »

Andrew Arnett

Andrew Arnett is an animator. more »

Andrew Cahill

Andrew Cahill is an animator and a film director. more »

Andrew Harkins

Andrew Harkins is an animator and screenwriter. more »

Andrew Kavanagh

Andrew Kavanagh is a screenwriter, film director and film producer. more »

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin is a film director, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Andrew Park

Andrew Park is an English animator best known for making a 14-part series of 10-minute... more »

Andrew R. Jones

Andrew R. Jones is a special effects artist most known for being part of the Academy Award... more »

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