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C. Martin Croker

Clay Martin Croker is an animator and voice actor on various Adult Swim programs. He is best... more »

Cal Dalton

Cal Dalton was a cartoon director at Warner Brothers. Dalton's first commercial animation work... more »

Caleb Wood

Caleb Wood is a film director, film producer, screenwriter and animator. more »

Cameron Hood

Cameron Hood is an animator. more »

Camille Perrin

Camille Perrin is a film director and animator. more »

Candy Kugel

Candy Kugel is a film director, screenwriter, and animator. more »

Carl Macek

Carl F. Macek was an American screenwriter, script editor, director and producer on numerous... more »

Carlo Vogele

Carlo Vogele is an animator, film director and film producer. more »

Carlos Baena

Carlos Baena is a professional animator and now a cofounder of the online school Animation... more »

Carlos Gamboa

Carlos Gamboa is a film director and animator. more »

Carlos M. Rosas

Carlos M. Rosas is an animator. more »

Carlos Pesina

Carlos Pesina is an American martial artist and employee of NetherRealm Studios. He is most... more »

Carlos Saldanha

Carlos Saldanha is a Brazilian director of animated films who works with Blue Sky Studios. He... more »

Carlos Tuco Egry

Carlos Tuco Egry is a Visual Effects Artist. more »

Carman Maxwell

Carman Griffin "Max" Maxwell was an American animator and voice actor. Maxwell was born in... more »

Carole Holliday

Carole Holiday is an actress and animator and a screenwriter. more »

Caroline Leaf

Caroline Leaf is a Canadian-American filmmaker and animator. Leaf made her first film, Sand, or... more »

Caroline Manard

Caroline Manard is an animator. more »

Casper Wermuth

Casper Wermuth is a film director. more »

Catherine Mullan

Catherine Mullan is an animator. more »

Chad Shattuck

Chad Shattuck is an animator. more »

Chan An Gee

Chan An Gee is an illustrator and animator. more »

Charles Alleneck

Charles Alleneck is a film animator. more »

Charles Bonifacio

Charles Bonifacio is a Canadian animator who worked on Nelvana productions such as Rock and... more »

Charles Gibson

Charles Gibson is an American visual effects artist who is best known for his work on the 4... more »

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