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Haiwei Hou

Haiwei Hou is a film director and an animator. more »

Hajime Kamegaki

Hajime Kamegaki is a film director. more »

Hajime Watanabe

Hajime Watanabe is a Japanese animator and character designer. His debut as a chief character... more »

Hal Ambro

Hal Ambro was an Animator and Film Director. more »

Hal Hickel

Hal T. Hickel is a visual effects animator for Industrial Light & Magic. At the age of 12,... more »

Hal Seeger

Harold "Hal" Seeger was an animated cartoon producer and director who owned his own studio the... more »

Hal Sutherland

Hal Sutherland was an animator who began his career as a Disney animator in 1954 working on... more »

Hamilton Luske

Hamilton Luske is a film supervising animator. more »

Hank Smith

Hank "Henry" Smith was a cartoon animator, who worked for many Hollywood animation studios... more »

Hans Fischerkoesen

Hans Fischerkoesen, also known as Hans Fischerkösen or Hans Fischer, was a German commercial... more »

Hans Perk

Hans Perk is an animator, film director and a film editor. more »

Hans Richter

Hans Richter is an animator and a film director. more »

Harald Siepermann

Harald Siepermann was a German animator and character designer. His feature film credits... more »

Harold Whitaker

Harold Jackson Whitaker was an British animator, whose credits included Animal Farm in 1954 and... more »

Harry G. Barnes III

Harry G. Barnes III is a film director, screenwriter, voice actor and animator. more »

Harry Reeves

Harry Reeves was a cartoonist, an animator and a screenwriter. more »

Haruhiko Mikimoto

Haruhiko Mikimoto is a Japanese anime character designer, illustrator and manga artist. Mostly... more »

Hasraf Dulull

Hasraf Dulull is a visual effects supervisor, a digital compositor, a visual effects producer, a... more »

Hatsuki Tsuji

Hatsuki Tsuji is a film director. more »

Hawley Pratt

Hawley Pratt was an American film director, animator, and illustrator. He is best known for his... more »

Hefang Wei

Hefang Wei is an animator, film art director and film director. more »

Helen Palmer Geisel

Helen Marion Palmer Geisel was an American children's author, editor, and philanthropist. She... more »

Helen Unt

Helen Unt is a film director and an animator. more »

Helena Fierlinger

Helena Fierlinger is an animator. more »

Helene Marchal

Helene Marchal is a film director, screenwriter, film editor and animator. more »

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