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Nadan Pines

Nadan Pines is a film director, screenwriter, film producer and animator. more »

Nadiya Bilokon

Nadiya Bilokon is a film director. more »

Nadja Klews

Nadja Klews is an animator. more »

Nancy Lasseter

Nancy Lasseter is the wife of John Lasseter. more »

Naoko Yamada

Naoko Yamada is an animator and television director. more »

Narumi Kakinouchi

Narumi Kakinouchi is a female Japanese manga artist, animator, director, character designer, and... more »

Nataliya Dabizha

Nataliya Dabizha is a television director and animator. more »

Natsuko Takahashi

Natsuko Takahashi is a screenwriter and animator. more »

Neil Affleck

Neil Affleck is a Canadian animator, director, and former actor. He has worked as an animator on... more »

Neil Boyle

Neil Boyle is a film director, a film producer, animator and a screenwriter. more »

Neil Rathbone

Neil Rathbone is a animator, film director and a writer. more »

Nelson Boles

Nelson Boles is a film director, film producer and animator. more »

Néstor Taylor

Néstor Taylor is a production designer and film animator. more »

Nicholas Tafuri

Nicholas Tafuri was an American animator who worked primarily for the Fleischer Studios and... more »

Nick Bruno

Nick Bruno is an film animator. more »

Nick George

Nick George was a screenwriter and an animator. more »

Nick Park

Nicholas Wulstan "Nick" Park, CBE is an English filmmaker of stop motion animation best known as... more »

Nickson Fong

Nickson Fong is a Singaporean Computer Graphics Artist and the first local to receive an Academy... more »

Nicola Lemay

Nicola Lemay is an animator and film director. more »

Nicolas Brault

Nicolas Brault is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

Nicolas Morel

Nicolas Morel is a film animator and writer. more »

Nicolas P. Villarreal

Nicolas P. Villarreal is an animator. more »

Nicole Van Goethem

Nicole Van Goethem is an actress, screenwriter, cartoonist, illustrator and film director. more »

Nicolette Bonnell

Nicolette Bonnell was an animator. more »

Nicos Livesey

Nicos Livesey is an animator, illustrator and film director. more »

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