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Jintanutda Lummakanon is an actress, singer, model and animator. more »

Paolo Didier

Paolo Didier is a film director and animator. more »

Pat Sito

Pat Sito is the wife of animator Tom Sito. more »

Pat Sullivan

Patrick "Pat" Peter Sullivan was an Australian cartoonist, pioneer animator and film producer,... more »

Patricio Plaza

Patricio Plaza is an animator, a film editor, a film producer and a screenwriter. more »

Patrick Deniau

Patrick Deniau is an animator. more »

Patrick Doyon

Patrick Doyon is a Quebec animator and illustrator, based in Montreal. more »

Patrick Hrabe

Patrick Hrabe is an independent artist in Redding, California and a former U.S. Navy Electronics... more »

Patrick Jenkins

Patrick Jenkins is a film director. more »

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is an installation artist, animator and filmmaker now based in Tribeca, New York... more »

Paul Berry

Paul Thomas Berry was a stop-motion animator who first worked on Cosgrove Hall's Wind In The... more »

Paul Briggs

Paul Briggs is a film visual effects animator, voice actor and screenwriter. more »

Paul Brizzi

Paul Brizzi is a film animator, director and producer. more »

Paul Bush

Paul Bush is a British experimental film director and animator. The son of classical composer... more »

Paul Chung

Paul Chung is an animator. more »

Paul Diaz

Paul Diaz is a film animator. more »

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson is an animator. more »

Paul Donnellon

Paul Donnellon is an animator. more »

Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen is a Dutch film director, animator and writer. His short films have won more than... more »

Paul Fierlinger

Paul Fierlinger is a creator of animated films and shorts, especially animated documentaries. He... more »

Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin is a Visual Effects Artist, TV Producer and Director. more »

Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt is a television director and animator. more »

Paul J. Bolger

Paul J. Bolger is a film director and animator. more »

Paul Marino

Paul Marino is a film director, producer, animator, voice actor, and author currently focused on... more »

Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson is an Australian animator known for his pixel art and animation. Born Paul... more »

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