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Fadwa El Guindi

Fadwa El Guindi, born in Egypt in 1941, is a professor of anthropology with a PhD in... more »

Fatimah Jackson

Fatimah Jackson is an African-American biologist and anthropologist who is a professor of... more »

Faye Ginsburg

Faye Ginsburg is an American anthropologist, and David B. Kriser Professor of Anthropology at... more »

Felicitas D. Goodman

Felicitas D. Goodman was a American linguist and anthropologist. She was a highly regarded... more »

Fiona Graham

Fiona Caroline Graham is an Australian anthropologist who works as a geisha in Japan. She made... more »

Florentino Ameghino

Florentino Ameghino was an Argentine naturalist, paleontologist, anthropologist and zoologist. more »

Florinda Donner

Florinda Donner is a Venezuelan writer and anthropologist known as one of Carlos Castaneda's... more »

Francis Clark Howell

Francis Clark Howell, generally known as "F. Clark Howell", was an American anthropologist. He... more »

Francis La Flesche

Francis La Flesche was the first professional Native American ethnologist; he worked with the... more »

Francisco Gil-White

Francisco Gil-White is an evolutionary and sociocultural anthropologist who teaches... more »

Francisco Moreno

Francisco Pascasio Moreno was a prominent explorer and academic in Argentina, where he is... more »

François Bizot

François Bizot, is the only Westerner to have survived imprisonment by the Khmer Rouge. Bizot... more »

Franz Boas

Franz Uri Boas was a German-American anthropologist and a pioneer of modern anthropology who has... more »

Fred Eggan

Frederick Russell Eggan was an American anthropologist best known for his innovative application... more »

Frederic W. Gleach

Frederic W. Gleach is an American anthropologist who specializes in Native American peoples of... more »

Frederic Ward Putnam

Frederic Ward Putnam was an American natural history/biologist and anthropologist. more »

Frederica de Laguna

Frederica Annis Lopez de Leo de Laguna was an American ethnologist, anthropologist, and... more »

Frederick E. Grine

Frederick E. Grine is an American paleoanthropologist. He is a Professor of anthropology and... more »

Frederick Starr

Frederick Starr, aka Ofuda Hakushi in Japan, was an American academic, anthropologist, and... more »

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