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H. James Birx

H. James Birx is an American anthropologist. Birx received his M.A. in anthropology and his... more »

Hank Wesselman

Henry Barnard Wesselman is an American anthropologist known primarily for his Spiritwalker... more »

Harold Barclay

Harold B. Barclay is professor emeritus in anthropology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton,... more »

Harold Courlander

Harold Courlander was an American novelist, folklorist, and anthropologist, an expert in the... more »

Harry Hoijer

Harry Hoijer was a linguist and anthropologist who worked on primarily Athabaskan languages and... more »

Harry L. Shapiro

Harry Lionel Shapiro was an American author, eugenicist, and Professor of Anthropology. more »

Helen Codere

Helen Frances Codere was an American cultural anthropologist who received her BA from the... more »

Helene Hagan

Helene E. Hagan, born Helene Coll, is an American anthropologist and Amazigh activist. more »

Henri Breuil

Henri Édouard Prosper Breuil, often referred to as Abbé Breuil, was a French Catholic priest,... more »

Henry Field

Henry Field was an American anthropologist and archaeologist. Henry Field was born in Chicago... more »

Henry Harpending

Henry Cosad Harpending is an American anthropologist and population geneticist at the University... more »

Henry McHenry

Henry Malcolm McHenry, PhD, is a professor of anthropology at the University of California,... more »

Henry Schoolcraft

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft was an American geographer, geologist, and ethnologist, noted for his... more »

Henry T. Wright

Henry T. Wright is the Albert Clanton Spaulding Distinguished University Professor of... more »

Hermano Vianna

Hermano Vianna is an anthropologist, screenwriter and writer. more »

Hirsi Magan Isse

Hirsi Magan Isse was a scholar and one of the leading figures of the Somali revolution. A part... more »

Homer Barnett

Homer Garner Barnett was an American anthropologist, thinker, fieldworker, and teacher. more »

Horace Mitchell Miner

Horace Mitchell Miner was an anthropologist, particularly interested in those languages of his... more »

Horatio Hale

Horatio Emmons Hale was an American-Canadian ethnologist, philologist and businessman who... more »

Hortense Powdermaker

Hortense Powdermaker was an anthropologist best known for her ethnographic studies of African... more »

Howard Reid

Howard Reid is a British documentary film maker and anthropologist. He has a PhD from Cambridge... more »

Hugh Brody

Hugh Brody is a British anthropologist, writer, director and lecturer. He was born in 1943 and... more »

Hugh Raffles

Hugh Raffles is an anthropologist whose work explores relationships among people, animals, and... more »

Hugo O. Engelmann

Hugo Otto Engelmann was an American sociologist, anthropologist and general systems theorist... more »

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