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Karen Ramey Burns

Karen Ramey Burns was an American forensic anthropologist known for work in international human... more »

Karl Taube

Karl Andreas Taube is an American Mesoamericanist, archaeologist, epigrapher and ethnohistorian,... more »

Katharine Elizabeth Dopp

Katharine Elizabeth Dopp was one of the foremost American educators at the turn of the 20th... more »

Kathrine S. French

Kathrine Story French was an American anthropologist born in Illinois. Educated in California,... more »

Kathy Dettwyler

Dr. Katherine A. Dettwyler is an anthropology professor at the University of Delaware in Newark,... more »

Keith H. Basso

Keith Hamilton Basso was a cultural and linguistic anthropologist noted for his study of the... more »

Kelly Stewart-Harcourt

Kelly Stewart-Harcourt is an anthropologist and the daughter of actor James Stewart. more »

Kenneth L. Pike

Kenneth Lee Pike was an American linguist and anthropologist. He was the originator of the... more »

Kevin Tuite

Kevin Tuite is a full Professor of Anthropology at the Université de Montréal. Born in South... more »

Kira Hall

Kira Hall is associate professor of Linguistics and Anthropology, as well as director for the... more »

Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen

Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen was a Danish polar explorer and anthropologist. He has been called... more »

Konstantin Bogdanov

Konstantin Bogdanov is a Russian anthropologist and philologist whose areas of investigation... more »

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