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Larry Nesper

Larry Nesper is an American anthropologist specializing in the Ojibwe people of northern... more »

Laura Bohannan

Laura Bohannan, pen name Elenore Smith Bowen, was an American cultural anthropologist best known... more »

Laura Nader

Laura Nader is an American anthropologist. She has been a Professor of Anthropology at the... more »

Lauriston Sharp

Lauriston Sharp was a Goldwin Smith Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies at Cornell... more »

Lawrence Blair

Lawrence Blair, Ph.D. is an anthropologist, author, explorer and filmmaker. Born in England, he... more »

Lawrence Krader

Lawrence Krader was an important American socialist anthropologist and ethnologist. At the... more »

Lawrence Rosen

Lawrence Rosen is an American anthropologist and scholar of law. Rosen earned his B.A. at... more »

Lélia Coelho Frota

Lélia Coelho Frota was the mother of Joao Emanuel Carneiro. more »

Leo Chavez

Leo Ralph Chavez, PhD, is an American anthropologist, author, and professor, best known for his... more »

Leopold von Schrenck

Leopold von Schrenck was a Baltic German zoologist, geographer and ethnographer from Russia. more »

Lesley Gill

Lesley Gill is an author and a professor of anthropology at Vanderbilt University. Her research... more »

Leslie White

Leslie Alvin White was an American anthropologist known for his advocacy of theories of cultural... more »

Lev Gumilev

Lev Nikolayevich Gumilev, was a Soviet historian, ethnologist, anthropologist and translator... more »

Lewis Binford

Lewis Roberts Binford was an American archaeologist known for his influential work in... more »

Lewis Henry Morgan

Lewis Henry Morgan was a pioneering American anthropologist and social theorist who worked as a... more »

Lina Fruzzetti

Lina Fruzetti is an American anthropologist and documentary film director. She is a professor of... more »

Lita Binns

Lita Binns was an anthropologist. more »

Livingston Farrand

Livingston Farrand, M.D., LL.D. was an American physician, anthropologist, psychologist, public... more »

Liza Dalby

Liza Crihfield Dalby is an American anthropologist and novelist specializing in Japanese... more »

Loring Danforth

Loring M. Danforth is a professor of anthropology and epistemology, and an author working at... more »

Lorna Marshall

Lorna Marshall, born Lorna Jean McLean, was an anthropologist who in the 1950s, 60s and 70s... more »

Louise Lamphere

Louise Lamphere is an American anthropologist who has been distinguished professor of... more »

Lucien Castaing-Taylor

Lucien Castaing-Taylor is an anthropologist and artist who works in film, video, and photography. more »

Lucy Mair

Lucy Philip Mair was a British anthropologist. She wrote on the subject of social organization,... more »

Lucy Suchman

Lucy Suchman, Ph.D. is a Professor of Anthropology of Science and Technology in the Department... more »

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