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R. H. Barlow

Robert Hayward Barlow was an American author, avant-garde poet, anthropologist and historian of... more »

Ralph Linton

Ralph Linton was a respected American anthropologist of the mid-20th century, particularly... more »

Ralph Regenvanu

Ralph John Regenvanu is a ni-Vanuatu anthropologist, artist and politician. He has been a Member... more »

Randolph Stow

Julian Randolph Stow was an Australian writer. more »

Raoul Naroll

Raoul Naroll was an anthropologist who did much to promote the methodology of cross-cultural... more »

Raphael Patai

Raphael Patai, born Ervin György Patai, was a Hungarian-Jewish ethnographer, historian,... more »

Ray Birdwhistell

Ray Birdwhistell was an American anthropologist who founded kinesics as a field of inquiry and... more »

Raymond A. Bucko

Raymond A. Bucko, S. J., is an American Jesuit priest and anthropologist noted for his work... more »

Raymond D. Fogelson

Raymond D. Fogelson is an American anthropologist known for his research on American Indians of... more »

Raymond Dart

Raymond Arthur Dart was an Australian anatomist and anthropologist, best known for his... more »

Raymond J. DeMallie

Raymond J. DeMallie is an American anthropologist whose work focuses on the cultural history of... more »

Regna Darnell

Regna Darnell is a Canadian anthropologist known for her linguistic anthropological fieldwork... more »

Renato Rosaldo

Renato Rosaldo is an American cultural anthropologist. He has done field research among the... more »

Reo Fortune

Reo Franklin Fortune was a New Zealand social anthropologist. Originally trained as a... more »

Richard Borshay Lee

Richard Borshay Lee is a Canadian anthropologist. Lee has studied at the University of Toronto... more »

Richard Grossinger

Richard Grossinger is an American writer, anthropologist, and founder of North Atlantic Books in... more »

Richard J. Smith

Richard Jay Smith, an American anthropologist, is Ralph E. Morrow Distinguished Professor of... more »

Richard Jantz

Richard L. Jantz served as the director of the Forensic Anthropology Center from 1998–2011 and... more »

Richard Nelson

Richard K. Nelson is a cultural anthropologist and writer whose work has focused primarily on... more »

Richard Shweder

Richard Allan Shweder is an American cultural anthropologist and a figure in cultural... more »

Richard Strand

Richard F. Strand is a linguist and anthropological researcher who is best known for his... more »

Robert A. Brightman

Robert A. Brightman is an American anthropologist known for his work among the Cree Indians in... more »

Robert A. Fernea

Robert A. Fernea is an anthropologist. more »

Robert A. Rubinstein

Robert A. Rubinstein is a cultural anthropologist whose work bridges the areas of political and... more »

Robert Ardrey

Robert Ardrey was an American playwright and screenwriter who returned to his academic training... more »

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