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S. O. Y. Keita

Shomarka Omar Yahya Keita M.D., DPhil., known as Shomarka Keita, is an American anthropologist... more »

Saba Mahmood

Saba Mahmood is an associate professor of social cultural anthropology at UC Berkeley. She was... more »

Saddeka Arebi

Dr. Saddeka Mohammed Arabi was a Libyan-American/Arab American social anthropologist and author... more »

Sally Falk Moore

Sally Falk Moore is a legal anthropologist and Professor Emerita at Harvard University. She did... more »

Salomon Schweigger

Salomon Schweigger was a German Lutheran theologian, minister, anthropologist and orientalist of... more »

Sam Dunn

Sam Dunn is a Canadian musician, film director, and anthropologist whose work focuses on the... more »

Sandra Morgen

Sandra Morgen is an American feminist anthropologist. She is a professor of anthropology at the... more »

Scott Atran

Scott Atran is an American and French anthropologist who is a Director of Research in... more »

Sergei Kan

Sergei A. Kan is an American anthropologist known for his research with and writings on the... more »

Setha M Low

Setha Low is a former president of the American Anthropological Association, a professor in... more »

Shawn Morgan Bender

Shawn Bender is Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies and Anthropology at Dickinson College. more »

Sherry Ortner

Sherry Beth Ortner is an American cultural anthropologist and has been a Distinguished Professor... more »

Sidney Mintz

Sidney Wilfred Mintz is an anthropologist best known for his studies of Latin America and the... more »

Sidney Robertson Cowell

Sidney Robertson Cowell was an American ethnographer and the wife of the composer Henry Cowell... more »

Sol Tax

Sol Tax was an American anthropologist. He is best known for creating action anthropology and... more »

Spencer Wells

Spencer Wells is a geneticist and anthropologist, an Explorer-in-Residence at the National... more »

Stanley Diamond

Stanley Diamond was an American poet and anthropologist. As a young man, he identified as a... more »

Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah

Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah was a social anthropologist and Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor of... more »

Stanley Marion Garn

Stanley Marion Garn Ph.D. was a human biologist and professor of biological anthropology and... more »

Stefan Kvamm

Stefan Kvamm is an anthropologist and the brother of Simon Kvamm. more »

Stepan Krasheninnikov

Stepan Petrovich Krasheninnikov was a Russian explorer of Siberia, naturalist and geographer who... more »

Stéphane Breton

Stéphane Breton is a French filmmaker, photographer and anthropologist. He shoots his films... more »

Stephen D. Houston

Stephen Douglas Houston is an American anthropologist, archaeologist, epigrapher and Mayanist... more »

Stephen O. Murray

Stephen Murray is an author. more »

Stephen Plog

Stephen Plog is a notable American archaeologist and anthropologist, who specializes in the... more »

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