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Talal Asad

Talal Asad is an anthropologist at the CUNY Graduate Center. Asad has made important theoretical... more »

Tamasin Ramsay

Tamasin Ramsay is an Australian actress and anthropologist, having received her PhD from Monash... more »

Tanya Luhrmann

Tanya Luhrmann is Howard H. and Jessie T. Watkins University Professor and Professor, by... more »

Ted Polhemus

Ted Polhemus is an American anthropologist, writer, and photographer who lives and works on... more »

Terrence Deacon

Terrence William Deacon is an American anthropologist. He taught at Harvard for eight years,... more »

Thayer Scudder

Thayer Scudder, an American social anthropologist, is an Anthropology Professor Emeritus at the... more »

Theodoor de Booy

Theodoor Hendrik Nikolaas de Booy was a Dutch-born American archaeologist. De Booy was born as... more »

Theodora Kroeber

Theodora Kracaw Kroeber Quinn was a writer and anthropologist, best known for her accounts of... more »

Theodore C. Bestor

Theodore C. Bestor is a Professor of Anthropology and Japanese Studies at Harvard University in... more »

Thomas A. Abercrombie

Thomas Alan Abercrombie is a writer and associate professor of anthropology at New York... more »

Thomas Buckley

Thomas Buckley is an American anthropologist and Buddhist monastic best known for his long-term... more »

Thomas Guzman-Sanchez

Thomas Guzman-Sanchez is an actor, author, film director, film and television producer,... more »

Thomas W. Murphy

Thomas W. Murphy is a Latter Day Saint anthropologist and writer. more »

Tim D. White

Tim D. White is an American paleoanthropologist and Professor of Integrative Biology at the... more »

Timothy Pauketat

Dr. Timothy R. Pauketat is an “American Bottom” Mississippian-era archaeologist and professor of... more »

Tobias Schneebaum

Tobias Schneebaum was an American artist, anthropologist, and AIDS activist. He is best known... more »

Tom Boellstorff

Tom Boellstorff is an anthropologist based at the University of California, Irvine. In his... more »

Tom D Dillehay

Tom D Dillehay is a 2001 Guggenheim Fellow in Social Sciences. more »

Torii Ryūzō

Torii Ryūzō was a Japanese ethnologist, anthropologist and folklorist. He was known for his... more »

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