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W. Lloyd Warner

William Lloyd Warner was a pioneering socio-anthropologist noted for applying the techniques of... more »

W. W. Howells

Dr. William White Howells was a professor of anthropology at Harvard University. His most... more »

Wade Davis

Edmund Wade Davis is a Canadian anthropologist, ethnobotanist, author and photographer whose... more »

Wallace Chafe

Wallace Chafe is an American linguist. He is Professor Emeritus and research professor at The... more »

Walter B. Miller

Walter B. Miller, anthropologist, was one of the America's foremost authorities on youth gangs. more »

Walter Evans-Wentz

Walter Yeeling Evans-Wentz was an American anthropologist and writer who was a pioneer in the... more »

Ward Goodenough

Ward Hunt Goodenough was a U.S. Anthropologist, who has made contributions to kinship studies,... more »

Ward Keeler

Ward Keeler is an American anthropologist who conducted fieldwork in Java in Indonesia during... more »

Wayne Suttles

Wayne Suttles was an American anthropologist and linguist. He was the leading authority on the... more »

Weston La Barre

Raoul Weston La Barre was an American anthropologist, best known for his work in ethnobotany,... more »

William Bascom

William R. Bascom was an American folklorist, anthropologist, and museum director. more »

William Beeman

William Orman Beeman is an actor, author, singer, Middle East expert, and professor of... more »

William C. Sturtevant

Dr. William C. Sturtevant was an anthropologist and ethnologist. He is best known as the general... more »

William Curtis Farabee

William C. Farabee, the second individual to obtain a doctorate in physical anthropology from... more »

William Foote Whyte

William Foote Whyte was a sociologist chiefly known for his ethnographic study in urban... more »

William Graham Sumner

William Graham Sumner was a Classic Liberal American academic and "held the first professorship... more »

William Henry Holmes

William Henry Holmes was an American explorer, anthropologist, archaeologist, artist, scientific... more »

William John McGee

William John McGee, LL.D. was an American inventor, geologist, anthropologist, and ethnologist,... more »

William Jones

William Jones was a Native American anthropologist of the Fox nation. Born in Oklahoma on March... more »

William Lancaster

William Osbert Lancaster is a British social anthropologist who has specialised in the study of... more »

William M. Bass

William Marvin Bass III is an American forensic anthropologist, best known for his research on... more »

William Montgomery McGovern

William Montgomery McGovern was an American adventurer, Northwestern University professor,... more »

William R. Maples

William Ross Maples, Ph.D. was a noted forensic anthropologist working at the C.A. Pound Human... more »

William S. Laughlin

William S. Laughlin was an American anthropologist who carried on research and wrote about... more »

William Snyder Webb

William Snyder Webb was an American academic and anthropologist. Born in Greendale, Kentucky,... more »

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