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Patricia A. Butenis

Patricia A Butenis is a diplomat. Since 2009, she is the United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka... more »

Patricia K. Cushwa

Patricia K. Cushwa is the Commissioner of the Parole Commission in the United States Department... more »

Patricia McMahon Hawkins

Patricia McMahon Hawkins is a United States career foreign service officer and member of the... more »

Patrick D. Gallagher

Patrick D. Gallagher is the Deputy Director of the National Institute of Standards and... more »

Patrick F. Kennedy

Patrick F. Kennedy is a career foreign service officer, currently U.S. State Department's Under... more »

Patrick W. Dunne

Patrick W. Dunne is the Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Benefits in the United States... more »

Paul N. Stockton

Paul N. Stockton is Managing Director for Sonecon, LLC, a District of Columbia-based advisory... more »

Pearlie Reed

Pearlie Reed is the Assistant Secretary for Administration in the United States Department of... more »

Peter A. Kovar

Peter A. Kovar is the Assistant Secretary of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations in... more »

Peter L. Levin

Peter L. Levin is an American entrepreneur, professor, and public servant. He most recently... more »

Peter M. Rogoff

Peter M. Rogoff is the Administrator, Federal Transit Administration in the United States... more »

Philip D. Murphy

Philip D. Murphy is an American businessman and the former United States Ambassador to Germany... more »

Philip McNamara

Philip McNamara is the Executive Secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security. more »