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A. J. B. Wace

Alan John Bayard Wace was an English archaeologist. Wace was educated at Shrewsbury School and... more »

Adam Giambrone

Adam Giambrone is a Canadian politician who was a Toronto City Councillor, representing the... more »

Adolf Furtwängler

Adolf Furtwängler was a famous German archaeologist, teacher, art historian and museum director... more »

Adolf Trendelenburg

Wilhelm Gustav Adolf Trendelenburg (* 10. August 1844 in Bromberg; † 31. März 1941 in Berlin)... more »

Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier

Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier was an American archaeologist after whom Bandelier National... more »

Alana Cordy-Collins

Alana Kathleen Cordy-Collins is Professor of Anthropology at the University of San Diego. She is... more »

Albert Jahn

Heinrich Albert Jahn (* 9. Oktober 1811 in Twann; † 23. August 1900 in Bern) war ein Schweizer... more »

Albert Tobias Clay

Albert Tobias Clay was an American Semitic archaeologist, born in Hanover, Penna. He graduated... more »

Alexander Cunningham

Sir Alexander Cunningham KCIE CSI was a British army engineer with the Bengal Engineer Group who... more »

Alexander Marshack

Alexander Marshack was an American independent scholar and Paleolithic archaeologist. He was... more »

Alfred Irving Hallowell

Alfred Irving Hallowell pronounced [hăl'uwel"] was an American anthropologist, archaeologist and... more »

Alfred L. Kroeber

Alfred Louis Kroeber was an American cultural anthropologist. He received his Ph.D. under Franz... more »

Alfred Tozzer

Alfred Marston Tozzer was an American anthropologist, archaeologist, linguist, and educator. His... more »

Alfred V. Kidder

Alfred Vincent Kidder was an American archaeologist considered the foremost of the southwestern... more »

Alice Beck Kehoe

Alice Beck Kehoe is an anthropologist. She attended Barnard College and Harvard University, from... more »

Alice Kober

Alice Elizabeth Kober was an American classicist best known for extensive investigations that... more »

Alonzo W. Pond

Alonzo W. Pond was an archaeologist. Born in Janesville, Wisconsin, he was assistant curator of... more »

Alpheus Hyatt Verrill

Alpheus Hyatt Verrill, known as Hyatt Verrill, was an American zoologist, explorer, inventor,... more »

Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams is an American author and archaeologist. She is also a former fashion model and was... more »

Anders Hagen

Anders Hagen was a Norwegian archaeologist. Anders Hagen was most associated with the study of... more »

Andrew M. T. Moore

Andrew M. T. Moore, also known as A. M. T. Moore, is a British archaeologist and academic. He is... more »

Ángela Jeria Gómez

Ángela Jeria Gómez is the mother of Michelle Bachelet. more »

Anna Curtenius Roosevelt

Anna Curtenius Roosevelt is an American archaeologist and Professor of Anthropology at the... more »

Arthur Demarest

Arthur Andrew Demarest is an American anthropologist and archaeologist, known for his studies of... more »

Arthur Evans

Sir Arthur John Evans FRS was an English archaeologist most famous for unearthing the palace of... more »

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