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Alfred Rinesch

Alfred L. Rinesch was an Austrian architect. In 1948 he won a silver medal in the art... more »

Alfred Rosenberg

Alfred Ernst Rosenberg was an influential ideologue of the Nazi Party. Rosenberg was first... more »

Alfred Rosenheim

Alfred Faist Rosenheim, F.A.I.A. was an architect born in St. Louis, Missouri and a Fellow of... more »

Alfred S. Alschuler

Alfred S. Alschuler was one of Chicago's most prolific and versatile architects during the... more »

Alfred T. Fellheimer

Alfred T. Fellheimer was an American architect who was lead architect for New York Grand Central... more »

Alfred Warden

Colonel Alfred William Warden VD was a prominent Australian soldier, military engineer and... more »

Alfred Waterhouse

Alfred Waterhouse was a British architect, particularly associated with the Victorian Gothic... more »

Alfred Weidler

Alfred Weidler was an architect who, after moving from Germany to Los Angeles in 1923, went on... more »

Alfred Young Nutt

Alfred Young Nutt MVO ISO was an English architect and artist, who was Surveyor to the Dean and... more »

Alfred Zachariewicz

Alfred Zachariewicz, was a Polish architect. He was born in Lviv, Austria-Hungary on 26 August... more »

Alfredas Kulpa-Kulpavičius

Alfredas Kulpa-Kulpavičius is a Lithuanian architect and artist best known for his work on... more »

Alfredo Augusto Lisboa de Lima

Portuguese architect best known for his work at Maputo Railway Station. more »

Alfredo Baldomir

Alfredo Baldomir Ferrari was an Uruguayan soldier, architect and politician. He served as... more »

Alfredo S.G. Taylor

Alfredo S. G. Taylor was an architect, of the New York firm Taylor & Levi. Many of his works are... more »

Alfredo Wiechers Pieretti

Alfredo Wiechers Pieretti was a Puerto Rican architect from Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was an... more »

Algimantas Nasvytis

Algimantas Nasvytis is a Lithuanian architect. He was active in the pro-independence Sąjūdis... more »

Ali Akbar Saremi

Ali Akbar Saremi is an architect from Iran. Saremi earned a Masters in Architecture from the... more »

Ali Alam

Ali Alam is a Pakistani underground musician based in Karachi. An architect by profession, he... more »

Ali Asghar Khan

Ali Asghar Khan is a prominent politician and social activist from Hazara region in Pakistan. He... more »

Ali Kashkooli

Dr. Ali Kashkooli, is an Iranian Architect and Industrial Designer, based in Vancouver, Canada. more »

Alice Constance Austin

Alice Constance Austin was born to Joseph B. and Sarah L. Austin in 1862 in Chicago, Illinois... more »

Alice Dye

Alice Dye is an American amateur golfer and golf course designer known as the "First Lady" of... more »

Alick Horsnell

Alick Horsnell was an architect, draughtsmen and artist working in London during the early years... more »

Alireza Sagharchi

Alireza Sagharchi RIBA FRSA is a United Kingdom-Iranian architect. He received his Diploma in... more »

Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith is the brother of Maggie Smith. more »

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