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Amon Wilds

Amon Wilds was an English architect and builder. He formed an architectural partnership with his... more »

Amos Gitai

Amos Gitai, born 11 October 1950 in Haifa, Israel, is an Israeli auteur filmmaker. He is mainly... more »

Amyas Connell

Amyas Douglas Connell was a highly influential New Zealand architect of the mid-twentieth... more »

Anant Raje

Anant Damodar Raje was an Indian architect and academic. more »

Anastasios Metaxas

Anastasios Metaxas was a Greek architect and shooter. Metaxas is best known for being the... more »

Anatol Kagan

Anatol Kagan, was a Russian-born Australian architect. Over a professional career that spanned... more »

Anatoly Polyansky

Anatoly Trofimovich Polyanski was a Russian architect. more »

Anca Petrescu

Mira Anca Victoria Mărculeţ Petrescu was a Romanian architect and politician. Born in... more »

Anders Linder

Anders Hjalmar Linder is a Swedish actor and jazz musician. He's son to Erik Hjalmar Linder and... more »

André Bloc

André Bloc was a French architect, sculptor, editor, and founder of several specialist journals... more »

André Félibien

André Félibien, sieur des Avaux et de Javercy, was a French chronicler of the arts and official... more »

André Godard

André Godard was an archaeologist, architect and historian of French and Middle Eastern Art. He... more »

André Jacob

André Jacob was a French architect. more »

André Lurçat

André Lurçat was a French modernist architect, landscape architect, furniture designer, city... more »

André Parmentier

André Joseph Ghislain Parmentier, also known as Andrew Parmentier is the one of a generation of... more »

André Soares

André Soares Ribeiro da Silva, more commonly known as André Soares was a leading Portuguese... more »

André Verbeke

André Verbeke was a Belgian architect. In 1932 he won a bronze medal in the art competitions of... more »

André Waterkeyn

André Waterkeyn was a Belgian engineer, born in Wimbledon, best known for creating the... more »

Andrea Aleksi

Andrea Nikollë Aleksi, also known as Andrea Alessi or Andrija Aleši, was an Albanian architect,... more »

Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi is an Italian architect and designer. more »

Andrea Bregno

Andrea di Cristoforo Bregno was an Italian sculptor and architect of the Early Renaissance who... more »

Andrea Busiri Vici

Nach Ausbildung in Rom zum Maler, Architekten und Ingenieur, die er 1844 mit Auszeichnung... more »

Andrea Ciccione

Andrea Ciccione, also known as Andrea di Onofrio, Nofri, and da Firenze, was an Italian... more »

Andrea Giganti

Andrea Giganti was an Italian architect of the Sicilian Baroque era. He was born in Trapani in... more »

Andrea Palladio

Andrea Palladio was an Italian architect active in the Republic of Venice. Palladio, influenced... more »

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