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Andrea Palma

Andrea Palma was an 18th-century Italian architect, working in the Baroque style. He is credited... more »

Andrea Pisano

Andrea Pisano also known as Andrea da Pontedera, was an Italian sculptor and architect. more »

Andrea Pozzo

Andrea Pozzo was an Italian Jesuit Brother, Baroque painter and architect, decorator, stage... more »

Andrea Riccio

Andrea Riccio was an Italian sculptor and occasional architect, whose real name was Andrea... more »

Andrea Tirali

Andrea Tirali was an Italian architect working in Venice and the Veneto. He is known to have... more »

Andreas Musalus

Andreas Musalus was a Greek professor of mathematics, philosopher and architectural theorist who... more »

Andreas Schlüter

Andreas Schlüter was a German baroque sculptor and architect associated with the Petrine Baroque... more »

Andreas Vogler

Andreas Vogler is a Swiss architect, designer and artist. He is co-founder and director of the... more »

Andrei Stackenschneider

Andrei Ivanovich Stakenschneider, also spelled Stackenschneider and Stuckenschneider, was a... more »

Andres Alver

Andres Alver is an Estonian architect. Born in Tartu, from 1961 to 1972, Alver studied in the... more »

Andrés Casillas de Alba

Andrés Casillas de Alba is a Mexican architect. more »

Andres Cortes

Andres Ulises Cortes is an American architect, best known for his personification of an... more »

Andrés de Vandelvira

Andrés de Vandelvira was a Spanish architect, active mainly in Jaén, Uclés, Baeza, and Úbeda... more »

Andrés Garcia de Quiñones

Andrés Garcia de Quiñones was a Spanish architect of the Baroque period, active in Salamanca. more »

Andrés Jaque

Andrés Jaque is an architect and thinker. His work explores the role architecture plays in the... more »

Andrés Mignucci

Andrés Mignucci FAIA is a Puerto Rican architect and urbanist. His work has received recognition... more »

Andres Põime

Andres Põime is a notable Estonian architect. From 1964 to 1975 Andres Põime studied in the 2nd... more »

Andres Siim

Andres Siim is an Estonian architect. Andres Siim was born in Tallinn and studied in the... more »

Andrew Andersons

Andrew Andersons is an Australian architect. Buildings he has designed include various... more »

Andrew Devane

Andrew Devane was an Irish architect born in Limerick. He studied architecture at University... more »

Andrew Egan

Andrew Egan was an Irish architect and builder. Egan was a member of a noted County Galway... more »

Andrew Fountaine

Sir Andrew Fountaine was an English antiquarian, art collector and amateur architect. more »

Andrew Geller

Andrew Michael Geller was an American architect, painter and graphic designer widely known for... more »

Andrew J. Thomas

Andrew Jackson Thomas was a self-taught American architect who was known for designing low-cost... more »

Andrew Jackson Downing

Andrew Jackson Downing was an American landscape designer, horticulturalist, and writer, a... more »

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