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Adolf Eichler

Adolf Wilhelm Eichler was a German civil architect, best known for building the Saviour's Church... more »

Adolf Gnauth

German architect, designer and art educator. more »

Adolf Hoch

Adolf Hoch was an Austrian architect. He was born in Winterberg, Austrian-Hungarian Empire. In... more »

Adolf Krischanitz

Adolf Krischanitz is an Austrian-born architect. more »

Adolf Lang

Adolf Láng was a Hungarian architect, one of the main representatives of the historicist style... more »

Adolf Leonard van Gendt

Adolf Leonard van Gendt was a Dutch architect. more »

Adolf Loos

Adolf Franz Karl Viktor Maria Loos was an Austrian and Czechoslovak architect. He was... more »

Adolf Meyer

Adolf Meyer was a German architect. A student and employee of Peter Behrens, Meyer became the... more »

Adolf Rading

Adolf Peter Rading was a German architect of the Neues Bauen period, also active in Palestine... more »

Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz

Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz was a Polish architect and conservator of monuments. Between 1902 and 1909,... more »

Adolf W. Edelsvärd

Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvärd was a Swedish architect who served as head architect for Statens... more »

Adolfo Moran

Adolfo Moran born in Valladolid, Spain, architect and city planner 1975 doctor Ph.Dr.1989... more »

Adolph Strauch

Adolph Strauch was a renowned landscape architect born in Silesia, Prussia, known particularly... more »

Adolphe Appia

Adolphe Appia, son of Red Cross co-founder Louis Appia, was a Swiss architect and theorist of... more »

Adolphus Druiding

Adolphus Druiding was a German-born American architect who was best known for his work in... more »

Adrian Gilbert Scott

Adrian Gilbert Scott was an English ecclesiastical architect. more »

Adrián Gorelik

Adrián Gorelik is an architect, urban historian and leading commentator on urban issues in... more »

Adrian Smith

Adrian D. Smith is an American architect who has designed skyscrapers including the Burj... more »

Adrian Wewer

Adrian Wewer was a Franciscan monk who was the architect of more than 100 churches, college... more »

Adriano Cristofali

Adriano Cristofali was a Veronese architect, whose style bridged between Enlightenment-Baroque... more »

Adrianus Bleijs

Adrianus Cyriacus Bleijs also known as A.C. Bleijs was a Dutch architect and painter who is... more »

Aelius Nicon

Aelius Nicon was a Greek architect and builder in 2nd century CE Pergamon. Nicon is known only... more »

Afanasy Grigoriev

Afanasy Grigorievich Grigoriev was a Russian Neoclassical architect, who worked in Moscow and... more »

Afanasy Seredin-Sabatin

Afanasii Ivanovich Seredin-Sabatin was a Russian born steersman-pilot and reporter for an... more »

Affonso Eduardo Reidy

Affonso Eduardo Reidy was a Brazilian architect. Among his projects was participation in the... more »

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